Learn the success story of Pollo Campero

Do you already know the history of Pollo Campero? Last April, Pollo Campero celebrated 18 years of operating in the United States. This anniversary came with an ambitious growth plan for the next five years.

Pollo Campero in addition to being a successful and influential company in Central America, has operations in California, Washington D.C., Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma and New, says entrepreneur Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez.

The accumulated investment of Corporación Multi Inversiones in the United States is US$100 million with 80 restaurants, 60 of their own and 20 that they granted under the franchise model.

The majority of Pollo Campero’s restaurants are located in the Southern and Eastern United States in California, Washington D.C., Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma and New York.

Story of Pollo Campero

What is the formula for success overseas?

The road has been tough, with economic crises and now the challenge of covid-19 in the market, but Luis Javier Rodas, general manager of Pollo Campero in the United States, is optimistic about the future and offers the following advice to those who want to replicate a successful formula like Pollo Campero’s overseas:

You have to be prepared because the environment is not the same, in all countries there are different factors in many different ways, such as: commercial, legal, financial, human resources, etc.

So you have to understand the macroeconomic environment, the industry, the competition and the consumer itself, understanding these factors, it is very likely that you will succeed in what you propose

It is not about making a copy of your proposal in another country, you need tropicalization to be relevant in the local market and have the expected success

Be clear about your essence, and that of your business, tropicalization is not a complete reinvention that results in a proposal detached from your essence

To be accompanied by local talent, for this it is necessary to count on market experts. In fact, in the U.S. approximately two thousand jobs are generated among the 80 restaurants, in most of them the collaborators are Guatemalan, Salvadoran and from other Latin American countries.

Change in business management, since it is not “business as usual”, agility and prioritization are key with a relevant degree of flexibility.

New ways of operating with new protocols to protect the wellbeing of our employees and customers including physical distancing in restaurants.

Strengthening of platforms, outdoor promotion, leveraged by digital platforms.

Story of Pollo Campero

How to stay competitive, during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Pollo Campero is a brand born in Guatemala, belonging to leading entrepreneurs, which managed to export its model to other markets such as Central America and the United States, and has had to be very faithful to its essential recipe, but also very flexible to understand other consumers.

Sightseeing in the markets of Antigua Guatemala

If when you are on vacation you are the type of person who likes to go for a walk and wander the alleys the Anigua Guatemala this information is for you.

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Getting lost in the city market

Or try not to get lost, which can be even more fun. Markets are always good places to feel the pulse of a city and this is one of the most peculiar we have visited.

Tuc Tuc in the market of Antigua Guatemala

Getting lost in the city market

In the labyrinth of crowded stalls they sell everything, rent phones and sing sales with their own versions of “me lo quitan de las manos” (they take it out of my hands).

Strolling through the city

Antigua is a city to be explored on foot. The center is easy to visit on foot and the cobblestone roads ensure that cars and tuc-tucs drive very slowly.

La Merced Church in Antigua Guatemala

Although some churches charge a small fee to enter many of the most emblematic places are free: the arch of Santa Catalina, the square in front of the Merced (which is usually very lively), enter the courtyard and climb to the balcony of City Hall with views over the Central Plaza, visit the Social Works, the Tanque de la Union and the church of San Francisco with the tomb of Brother Pedro are some of the zero cost.

Antigua Guatemala

If you add to these places the Spanish Cooperation Center, the old College of the Society of Jesus* and the patios of the most luxurious mansions, you have a visit to the city of almost 3 hours without spending a cent.

Antigua Guatemala

Two bargains for shopping and eating

On the last day in Antigua and almost by chance we discovered two places that we found to be excellent value for money and that we are happy to share with future visitors to the city.

The first of these is the Nim Po’t warehouse store just past the famous Santa Catalina Arch.

Everything that the street stalls of Antigua and Atitlán offer is sold here at “laughable” prices (of course I am not referring to fine or quality handicrafts, but to that “everything” that you see again and again in every stall and from every vendor).

The other one is a food place where they sell the best chicken cooked following a family recipe of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and his ancestors. You can’t miss it.