Activities to do in Holbox Island

The paradisiacal island of Holbox has become one of the favorite places for foreigners who travel on vacation to Mexico. The fact that despite the growing tourism in the area. It moves so authentically: without cars (they are in golf carts), with unpaved roads that flood with rains or tides, with wild beaches or simply distracted inhabitants oblivious to the abundant hostels and restaurants. Creates an exceptional environment that makes it an Eden for lovers of the genuine.

Take a photo in the Holbox hammocks in the sea

The image of the idyllic island of Holbox is that of people bathing on the beach lying in hammocks that hang over the water tied to sticks where you can read HOLBOX in large letters.

Although there are many loungers of this style scattered around the different beaches. The most beautiful, with striking letters, are found in Playa Grande, and taking a nap on them is a much-coveted wish for all tourists. Of course, I couldn’t resist doing something so fun in Holbox. To top it off, buy a coconut (many street vendors pass by) and drink it quietly in the hammock.

umbrellas in beach

See the UNIQUE phenomenon of marine bioluminescence – The most amazing thing to do in Holbox

Bioluminescence is a rather unusual natural phenomenon that occurs in a few disparate places on earth (that we can count on the fingers of one hand); Well, Holbox is one of them.

The miracle consists in seeing the illuminated sea water, as if hundreds of fireflies were swimming in it. It is something indescribable, for this alone it is worth visiting Holbox. This is produced by an enzyme called luciferase that acts on certain biochemical reactions in some organisms causing them to emit light.

To be able to see the show it is essential that there is a lot of darkness (remote areas and a new moon are the best conditions) and within that. The months of June to December are the most suitable to contemplate it, decreasing from September. Just go to the key points, stir the water a bit and flip over colors (or lights, rather).

Holbox Letters

Try the famous lobster pizza – Where to eat in Holbox

Fresh lobster pizza is one of the most characteristic dishes of the island of Holbox. And you cannot leave without trying it. The local pioneer in the recipe is Pizzeria Edelyn, but we tried it at another one that was recommended to us called Roots and we loved it.

The bar itself with wooden tables imitating logs, outdoors, under the trees, creates a very pleasant atmosphere. In addition, all the pizzas are very tasty, highlighting of course the lobster one. It’s expensive, about 600 pesos, but it’s worth trying, even if it’s one to share. The other pizzas had much cheaper prices, so they can be combined.

Another of the best places to eat in Holbox that has nothing to do with pizza. I will tell you about it a little further down. It is my favorite and the one I recommend the most.

What to do in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara has many places to visit. So when you get the opportunity to learn about its history and experience its culture. You will be fascinated by more than 600 registered monuments, 20 museums, and 30 art galleries of international stature. The city offers many entertainment and recreation sites such as its fairs, squares, parks, theaters, entertainment centers, churches and of course its wonderful Historic Center. These are the attractions that are a must-see on your vacation in Mexico.

Metropolitan Cathedral, The Assumption of Mary

The King of Spain Felipe II ordered the construction of this cathedral, its facade in a mixture of architectural styles with Gothic, Baroque, Moorish and neoclassical influences, in which it now has 65-meter towers and a dome rebuilt by landslides caused by different tremors. It is unique for its interior in Gothic style, it has a painting “La Purísima Concepción” and the second largest organ in the country of French origin.

people singing

Chapultepec Walk

Park in one of the most beautiful avenues of the city being a meeting point for people of all ages, from young people who come here to skate, read, paint or enjoy an ice cream. To adults who meet with friends to enjoy a coffee or the atmosphere of its bars. Every Saturday, culture lovers meet here to appreciate and buy handicrafts or to enjoy live music, turning out to be a walk full of art.

Guadalajara Square

Square square adorned with white planters and small trees; in the center you will see a fountain with steps that commemorates the founding of the city through the Shield that rises in a sphere with four lions. When you get here you will have the best view of the Municipal Palace, the cathedral, the facade of the Tabernacle and the arches of the old Portals of Guadalajara. It is located on September 16 without a number.


Throat cut theatre

Large complex in ornate neoclassical style, with Italian influence. This name was attributed to him in honor of General Santos Degollado. The opera house, concert hall, recitals and arts venue has 16 columns in its portico, its façade is made of quarry stone and marble relief with the image of Apollo and the 9 muses with the phrase “May the rumor of the discord”. It has capacity for 1026 people and is in Bethlehem without a number.

Cabins Cultural Institute

Emblematic neoclassical style building declared a World Heritage Site. Inside, some murals by José Clemente Orozco are preserved. Homeless people were admitted here until 1980 so that later it became the Institute dedicated to cultural promotion and dissemination. Having this name in honor of Bishop Juan Ruíz Cabañas y Crespo, who was the main promoter of the hospice.

guadalajara night

Atoning temple

Catholic temple dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. Neo-Gothic style and is considered the most important work of its kind in the country. It is made mostly of carved stone like the one made in the Middle Ages and has large stained-glass windows made by a French artist.

What places to visit in Monterey?

There are many places to visit in Monterrey, you will even need more than a weekend to get to know them all; So, if you are a foreigner and you want to come, you should plan your holidays in Mexico well, since there is a selection of places that you cannot miss for anything in the world, ready to read more?


La Pastora Park Zoo

One of the main attractions in Monterrey is this zoo located inside Parque La Pastora. The park itself is the ideal place to rest for a while on the grass and many people leave work to enjoy this atmosphere and relax for a moment.

In the zoo you will find an extensive variety of emblematic flora and fauna of the city, since it adjoins the La Silla River, which makes nature quite extensive. You can tour the entire zoo and finish with a walk or visit one of the amusement parks in Monterrey: Bosque Mágico.

Contemporary Art Museum

This is another place to visit in Monterrey. It is a museum known by its acronym MARCO and that brings together the best of art at a national and international level, where works in the field of sculpture, graphic arts and painting stand out.

To honor its theme, a huge pigeon 6 meters high and weighing 4 tons will welcome you. We recommend you make use of the audio guide and the reflection list to enjoy your visit to the fullest.


Garcia Caves

Another of the most visited tourist places in Monterrey are these famous caves. They have in their interior formations of stalactites and stalagmites along a 2 kilometers route. There is a great variety of mineral formations and fossils of shells and snails from 50 to 60 million years old.


Hill of the Chair

Cerro de la Silla is one of the most impressive sites in the city. Thanks to its resemblance to a saddle, it gets its name, here you can practice hiking and excursion activities.

It is ideal for outdoor activities and to be with the whole family. Along the way you will find remains of machinery, which would go up a cable car to the top of the hill, but for logistical reasons it could no longer be placed.

Essential things to do in Guanajuato

This list of things to do in Guanajuato is perfect for not missing a thing in one of the most beautiful and colorful colonial cities in Mexico.

Capital of the state with the same name and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Guanajuato falls in love at first sight with its architectural beauty, its cultural offerings, its fantastic student atmosphere and of course, it’s delicious traditional cuisine that is known as one of the World’s greatest.


In addition, Guanajuato has an international airport and a good bus connection with important cities in Mexico such as Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende or Guadalajara, so it is a good opportunity to spend one or several days getting to know it if you are doing a route through the colonial cities and all of this places are Mexico tourist destinations.

Based on the experience of the time we spent in this capital during our trip to Mexico, we have made this list of the most beautiful places to visit in Guanajuato. Let’s start!

Allende Square

You can start your visit to Guanajuato in Plaza Allende, presided over by the magnificent Cervantes Theater, where you will also see two large sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, characters from the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

Keep in mind that every year in October, interesting works of the Cervantino Festival are performed in this theater, an event of international stature, very interesting if it coincides with the dates of your trip.

colour home

To learn more about the history of the city and not miss out on anything interesting, we recommend booking this guided tour that includes the Mummies Museum.

Temple of San Francisco

Strolling through the beautiful streets of the historic center such as the Callejón del Potrero, you will arrive in a few minutes at the Temple of San Francisco, built in 1728 by the Franciscan friars and another of the essential places to see in Guanajuato.

This temple stands out for its baroque-style facade in pink tones with two imposing towers and a beautiful interior with neo-baroque-style carved stone altars.

Many of the churches like this temple were built thanks to the wealth provided by its valuable gold and silver mines in the 18th century.

panoramic view of guanajuato

Alleys of Guanajuato

Another of the best things to do in Guanajuato is wandering aimlessly through the most beautiful alleys of the historic center, such as Callejón del Potrero and Calvario.

These steep streets surrounded by houses with reddish facades will take you to the upper part of the city and its spectacular viewpoints.

Don’t forget to take a short route through the network of underground streets in Guanajuato that were built to speed up transportation and prevent flooding of the Guanajuato River.

What is the Guelaguetza?

The Guelaguetza is an event that over the years managed to amalgamate the cultural expressions of the different ethnic groups that inhabit the region, in addition to claiming the indigenous identities of Oaxaca, a task that was not easy and resulted in being one of the most important Mexico tourist destinations in the world.

The festival represents the union of two celebrations, on the one hand, a ritual from pre-Hispanic times is commemorated in honor of the Goddess of corn, Goddess Centéotl, who was offered dances, rites and a great banquet, in an event that lasted eight days.


On the other hand, there is the celebration of Corpus Christi, a Catholic cult in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, which has its day on July 16.

Also called Fiestas de los Lunes del Cerro, since the center of the celebration is the Cerro del Fortín, the event attracts a large number of people, not only those who come to enjoy the show, but also those who are part of it.

Representative delegations from the 8 regions that make up the state of Oaxaca participate in the days of the celebration, each group shows us their different traditions and customs with typical dances, clothing, masks, music, etc.

The Guelaguetza of recent years…

Currently, the event takes place mainly in the city of Oaxaca, on the two Mondays following July 16; although the entire month of July is sure to be a party.

The parade of the delegations, organized in the traditional way of the Calenda and which takes place on the Saturday before each Monday of celebration, is one of the proposals that you can enjoy.

oaxaca guelaguetza

Prepare your camera that you will have more than a thousand images that you can photograph. Among them, the “marmot”, a large spherical lantern covered in fabric that is accompanied by the “giants”. There will also be the Chinese Oaxacans carrying baskets with flowers and accompanied of their music band, and they can’t miss the fireworkers, who warn of their passage with numerous explosions.

In addition to this, there are different events such as exhibitions of mezcal and local gastronomy, shows by famous artists, some free, others with very low costs, celebrations are also held in the surrounding towns on the occasion of the Guelaguetza 2022.

Beaches to vacation in Veracruz

I invite you to get to know the best beaches in Veracruz, where you can escape and spend a good day or a whole weekend. Will you join me?

With the heat lately we all want to be always fresh, of course, the beach is always the first option, I have witnessed how terrible the heat can be in Veracruz and I also know that there is no river or beach that did not manage to remedy the situation, but since we are talking about beaches. Here we leave you some beaches of Veracruz that you can visit on your holidays in Mexico for this summer.


Emerald Coast

It is one of the beaches in Veracruz with soft, fine sand and calm waves, located along the municipalities of Tecolutla and Nautla, just 320 kilometers from Mexico City, in the Totonac region of Veracruz, it is one of the major tourist destinations in the state.

Its very name is a reflection of the beautiful blue-green color of its waters that make it a paradisiacal place for the visitor, apart from offering a great view, it allows you to practice water sports such as fishing, skiing and taking a boat ride. It has a delicious cuisine based on fish and shellfish, one of the richest is the exquisite Zacahuil.

Along the more than 50 km that the Costa Esmeralda comprises, you will find beaches with a green and jungle environment, among them are La Guadalupe, Ricardo Flores Magón, La Vigueta, Oriente Beach, Monte Gordo, Casitas and Maracaibo. If what you want is to find a place to stay, there are hotels of all kinds, from the most prestigious to the cheap ones, bungalows, campsites and restaurants.

You can take advantage of your visit to get to know the city of San Rafael, a former French colony of the 19th century, the city of Papantla, famous for being the main producer of vanilla in the state. Also nearby is El Tajin, an archaeological zone named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Anton Lizardo

It is located just 23 km from the port of Veracruz, near Boca del Rio, it is one of the beaches in Veracruz ideal for diving since it is part of the Reef System. Among its beaches, the most famous are Isla del Amor and El Conchal, it is also one of the favorite places of the members of the Caguama Sport Fishing Club, since it is located in a fishing village.

When you need a break, Antón de Lizardo is the option, accompanied by a delicious peanut, soursop or mamey torito, an ice cream with rum (the local specialty) and everything to savor a delicious dish of Veracruz gastronomy as it deserves.

You can visit the facilities of the Heroic Naval Military School, remember to dress appropriately, that is, with shoes, socks, pants and a shirt, not in a bathing suit or shorts, or flip-flops, since the tour is led by officers trained to give you the best care.


Montepio Beach

It is the main beach of Los Tuxtlas and is located at the mouth of two small rivers called Col and Maquina in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the place for adventurers and explorers as you can rent a boat and visit the rocky South Coast and explore some caves.

One of the favorite activities of those who visit this beach is to get on the floating banana with other people and be taken on a ride at full speed, kayaking is another option to enjoy your day in Montepío. The town is 39 kilometers north of Catemaco, during the low season, this destination is a paradise for those who seek calm beaches of Veracruz, it also has some hotels and restaurants.

Chachalacas Beach

It goes beyond being one of the beautiful beaches of Veracruz like so many others, in this place you will find huge dunes that will leave you breathless as soon as you discover their magnitude. It is a very beautiful place where the dunes divide the sea and the river, Chachalacas is located 5 km from Úrsulo Galván.


Here you can practice motocross especially in the Dunes. The view from above will leave you speechless. It is not new that when people are climbing the dunes they suddenly come across a 4×4 truck or some ATVs up to the top, it is also very recommended to practice sandboarding, which is a sport that consists of descending dunes with special boards similar to those of snowboarding.

Its beach has calm waves and you can practice water sports such as diving. Banana boat rides, among many others, also near here are the archaeological sites of La Antigua, Cempoala and Quiahuiztlán. In Antigua, you will be able to see the remains of the house of Hernán Cortés and of course the first church that is said to be the first in all of Latin America.

Hidden Beach

It is one of the beaches of Veracruz with great beauty and is located 100 km south of the city of Veracruz, north of the coast of Los Tuxtlas, to get there it is necessary to take a boat from Montepío, ride a horse or walk.

Due to its difficult access, this is one of the beaches in Veracruz that does not have lodging services. It is best to camp or move to Catemaco, Santiago or San Andrés Tuxtla. As for food, there are small restaurants in the area that sell delicious Veracruz dishes such as red snapper or mojarras with garlic mojo. In Playa Escondida you will find the perfect place to enjoy a day surrounded by the incredible jungle vegetation while swimming or taking a boat ride.

Places to visit in Tijuana

In case you plan to visit the city of Tijuana together with your family to relax together and fully enjoy the long-awaited vacation but you don’t know any place and you don’t know where you can go to have fun, don’t worry, then you can know which places to visit in Tijuana and which not.

It is clear that, if you are spending your holidays in Mexico, you will not know which places to visit to have a good time and get to know the city better. Find out about some of the most popular places of interest in Tijuana.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Undoubtedly, this site is ideal to visit with the family and in no way can you miss the opportunity to visit it. In the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut) located in the Tijuana river urban area, you can enjoy culture and art Mexican at its best, in addition, the spherical structure of the dome planetarium cinema of the museum is sensational.

tijuana place

Wax Museum

Another unmissable place is the Wax Museum. In this emblematic museum you will find a fairly large collection of wax figures in which various important characters within Mexican culture are represented, both in the world of literature and cinema and has four rooms themes that you have to see.

These rooms or halls are set in the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico. The missionary period of Baja California and in the history of Tijuana, you can also find some legends represented in the exhibits, and you can have a little fun hanging out in the terror zone, in which you will surely get a good scare.

El Popo Market

This market is undoubtedly an icon of the city. However, many people complain that the place is too small and full of flies. But if this does not bother you, you will be surprised by the wide variety of typical sweets that are found, the clothes, crafts and many other things that manage to represent the Mexican culture.

panoramic tijuana's view

Wonders that can be seen at the Frida Kahlo Museum

La Casa Azul is the ideal place to appreciate the most intimate universe of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. There he was born, lived, worked, fell in love, forgave and even hated Diego Rivera. Today this typical Coyoacán mansion is also one of the busiest museums in Mexico City, along with the National Museum of Anthropology and the Tamayo Museum. That’s why if you decide to travel to one of the most important mexico tourist destinations, these should be a must stop.

Each object inside the Blue House transmits the purest essence of Frida. Here you can breathe the bohemian atmosphere of the early years of the 20th century in Mexico; clay floors, traditional kitchen – complete with clay dishes – paintings, pre-Columbian sculptures (which belonged to Rivera’s private collection), photographs, books and even the bed at night and during the day in which the artist spent a good part of the day. day.

Going through this space with a blue facade is going through history. It seems that in every corner there is something to see, a small detail that allows us to penetrate the tormented universe of the painter. Walking on its joys and its turbulence will help us understand our own lives. In honor of this, we have selected four fundamental pieces exhibited in this space that are essential to understanding Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo Studio

Live life painting

We begin with one of the most recognized works by Frida Kahlo. The painting Viva la vida, signed a few days before her death. It is a colorful and optimistic work, two characteristics that she herself always valued, although her physical pain sometimes did not allow it. Beyond some watermelons, what we can see here is on the one hand a tribute to the roots of Mexico and on the other hand it is a strange way of saying goodbye to life since commonly, on the Day of the Dead, watermelons are usually linked with the skeletons.

street coyoacan frida kahlo

Frida’s toy collection

Another detail that we cannot miss is the toy cabinet that is located in Frida’s room. It is a treasure in which you can contemplate the details of Frida’s childhood as well as her desire to have a child. A world in miniature, made by Mexican artisans, which was part of his poetry. Behind the glass there is a tea set, sewing machines, lamps, oil lamps, irons, pots, rag dolls, boxes, palm and clay figures, among many others.

The beauty of the Chichen Itza archaeological site

Travel back in time as you explore a Mayan city that is over 1,000 years old. This spectacular UNESCO-protected site is one of Mexico’s most famous treasures.

Visit Chichen Itza, which is one of the largest and most famous Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. In addition to being one of the most Mexico tourist destinations by foreigners when they visit Mexico. Wander among the temples and pyramids, many of which are incredibly well preserved. And imagine what the Mayans who lived in this area were like more than 1,000 years ago. Learn about the religious and astronomical significance of the majestic structures of this place. You can also learn the fascinating and sometimes brutal details of daily life in Mayan society.

A view from Chichen Itzá

See the amazing pyramid known as El Castillo, which is the most famous monument in Chichen Itza. This imposing pyramid was designed with 365 steps, which represent the 365 days of the solar year. Try to detect other star symbols in the structure. For example, the pyramid includes 52 panels, which represent the 52 years of a Mayan calendar cycle. Head inside the pyramid to see the temple it contains.

El Castillo

El Castillo is one of the different sacred sites in this area. See the pillars of the Court of a Thousand Columns, which is next to the Temple of the Warriors. Visit El Caracol, a structure with an impressive spiral staircase, which used to be an observatory. See other temples with fascinating stone reliefs that have given them poetic names. Among them are the Temple of the Bearded Man and the Temple of the Jaguars.

serpent large

Learn about the famous Mayan tradition of the ball game. Visit the Great Ball Court to see one of the largest fields where the Mayan ball games were played for the entertainment of the crowds. It is believed that the consequences of losing the game were very bloody. Observe the relief that represents the decapitation of one of the players.

Chichen Itza is just under 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Cancun. Stay in the beautiful city of Valladolid to be closer. Pay the entrance fee and explore the area at your own pace or book a guided tour to learn all the details with an expert guide.

Honeymoon in Mexico? We give you ideas!

One of our favorite parts of this whole wedding process for many of us is undoubtedly the Honeymoon. A well-deserved rest after all that stress and long months of organizing the wedding, in which we will finally enjoy a moment of calm with our loved one.    

The Mexico tourist destinations are so wonderful that they will never cease to amaze us, and not only the most tourist places are those that are worth visiting, there are also those little corners full of magic that will make our honeymoon an unforgettable experience. Summer is full of discounts, take advantage of them!  

Tulum, Quintana Roo  

Although its popularity has been increasing more and more during the last decade, Tulum continues to maintain its authentic essence and Hip style. It is a place to disconnect from everything and that also gives you the opportunity to enjoy life at night accompanied by drinks and a sample of the best Mexican cuisine.  

Loreto, Baja California Sur. 

An ideal place if what you want is to relax and get away from the tourist bustle. Its spectacular waters are ideal for beach tourism, both for fans of diving, kayaking, fishing and other water sports, as well as for those who enjoy observing biodiversity. From December to March you can witness one of the most wonderful natural phenomena there is, the birth of whales.  

The Huasteca   

The charm of the jungle makes this destination the perfect place to get in touch with nature like never before. Its spectacular landscapes, rivers and waterfalls accompanied by its caves and archaeological sites make this an unforgettable place. You will have the opportunity to visit unique places such as the surreal gardens of Edward James, the Tamul Waterfall, the Basement of the Swallows and the waterfalls of Tamasopo and even get in the mood and dance a huapango in Xilitla.    

Sayulita, Nayarit  

A magical town full of hippie chic vibes ideal to relax and forget about stress, it is not a place where you go to look for the party, but you will find several activities that will make your honeymoon unforgettable, such as horseback riding on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling in Playa de los Muertos, windsurfing and kitesurfing, make an excursion to the Marietas Islands or even live the experience of releasing turtles on their beaches.   

Yelapa, Jalisco  

It is the ideal place for those couples who want to spend their honeymoon away from the noise and bustle of places with great tourist attraction, where you can enjoy your free days to rest on the beach, walk through its town and get to know the jungle; in addition to activities such as fishing, snorkeling and fishing, parasailing and paragliding.    

Holbox, Quintana Roo  

This small island in the Mexican Caribbean will not have cars or streets with asphalt, but mangroves and cenotes full of turquoise water that will make you not miss the city at all while you are there. Located northwest of Cancun is this island full of hippie vibes that combines the traditional of its streets full of murals with colors and markets with handicrafts, with the modern and chic of its art galleries and shops of private firms.