8 Unmissable night clubs in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for having beautiful beaches, fantastic places and, of course, nightlife that never ends. This city is one of the Mexico tourist destinations to stay! If you have not come to Puerto Vallarta in a party plan, then you should know that here almost all places open daily and close at 6 in the morning and some until noon. On the next holidays I will give you a list with the essential clubs in your visit: 

La Santa 

The dress should be a bit elegant; it has a good repertoire in terms of music because they make you remember old times. It is located on Blvd. Francisco Medina. 


The place is stunning; the ceiling is retractable, so while you are enjoying a magnificent night you can observe the stars and feel like one of them with your best dance steps. 

La Vaquita 

My favorite, definitely. It is one of the clubs where I really knew the fun; between the music and the atmosphere I assure you that you will not want to leave there. It is located on the boardwalk; it will not be very difficult to find it. I recommend the micheladas, they are a delight.  

Bar Morelos 

This bar has become a hit for the pre-coup. If you are a lover of sweet drinks, I recommend you try the marzipan martini. Good atmosphere and music of different genres. 

La Bodeguita del Medio 

Purely Cuban atmosphere, it is said that the authentic mojito was created here. The best thing apart from the food and drinks, is the music; everything you will hear is completely live.  


It is a very good option since it is on the boardwalk. Here you have two options, since at the top is the Sky Mandala, which also has a very good atmosphere. 


The concept of this place is very good; as its name says, it is decorated in jungle style, as if it were a real zoo. It is located next to La Vaquita, maybe you can visit the two clubs the same night. 

Marina de Puerto Vallarta 

If you arrive at a hotel in La Marina and do not want to leave this area, you also have many options to spend a good night in restaurants and bars such as La Federal, Benitto’s and De Santos; enjoy an excellent atmosphere and good music. 

Probably for this holiday many places will close later. I recommend you book your place wherever you want to go, as they usually fill up and even more so this season.

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