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Amazing Museums to Explore in Chile

To enjoy the amazing places in chile, you have to keep the amazing museums to explore in Chile at the top of your list. Well, this is very well known for this place. Apart from the chile hotels that are very well known for their special food, diversity, the type of flavor, method of cooking, and much more, the museums are also very known at this place. We have compiled the list of the topmost museums of Chile that you must explore on your visit to this place. These include the following list:

1.      Mirador Interactive Museum

If we talk about the statistics of people coming to visit this Mirador interactive museum, then it might cross 5 lakh people in total per year. Most of these visitors are kids, and that is probably the best part of making this interactive museum. They come here from time to time, enjoy and learn at the same time. During many times in the year, they are free to visit, like when there are working days. While in the vacation time the fee has to be submitted in order to visit them.

2.      Memory and Human Rights

Well, as the name suggests, this museum is all about past memories and human rights. Those people in the past who were the victim of any kind in their life and the way they got their selves out of that situation is all mentioned in this museum. Other than this, there is a motivation for people who are battling different situations in their lives and now would like to just reach a destination where they can find peace. This museum is going to give them this strength.

3.      Chascona House Museum

As much as the chile hotels are famous, this Chascona house museum is equally famous too. Till the year 1990, this Chascona House museum was known as the monument in Chile, while after that when the people realized its importance and also it started to deteriorate, they converted it into a museum to preserve it and to help the coming generations learn through it. It has everything in its original form s when it was constructed.

4.      Nao Victoria Museum

Well, the Nao Victoria Museum is also very popular at this location which you must visit once you come here for your vacations. It is an interactive museum that is filled with many facilities. They offer the audio recording that explains everything to the visitors, there are also the touch screen and also the weapons of the past. They might not be real, but exact replicas of those.

Nao Victoria Museum


As you see the above list of amazing museums to explore in Chile, you must have realized how amazing these museums are, even more than the chile hotels. Well, now you have a complete list and you can choose to explore all of them or a few of them that you like. There are so many other museums too, but those have to be explored when you reach the destination.

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