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Beaches to vacation in Veracruz

I invite you to get to know the best beaches in Veracruz, where you can escape and spend a good day or a whole weekend. Will you join me?

With the heat lately we all want to be always fresh, of course, the beach is always the first option, I have witnessed how terrible the heat can be in Veracruz and I also know that there is no river or beach that did not manage to remedy the situation, but since we are talking about beaches. Here we leave you some beaches of Veracruz that you can visit on your holidays in Mexico for this summer.


Emerald Coast

It is one of the beaches in Veracruz with soft, fine sand and calm waves, located along the municipalities of Tecolutla and Nautla, just 320 kilometers from Mexico City, in the Totonac region of Veracruz, it is one of the major tourist destinations in the state.

Its very name is a reflection of the beautiful blue-green color of its waters that make it a paradisiacal place for the visitor, apart from offering a great view, it allows you to practice water sports such as fishing, skiing and taking a boat ride. It has a delicious cuisine based on fish and shellfish, one of the richest is the exquisite Zacahuil.

Along the more than 50 km that the Costa Esmeralda comprises, you will find beaches with a green and jungle environment, among them are La Guadalupe, Ricardo Flores Magón, La Vigueta, Oriente Beach, Monte Gordo, Casitas and Maracaibo. If what you want is to find a place to stay, there are hotels of all kinds, from the most prestigious to the cheap ones, bungalows, campsites and restaurants.

You can take advantage of your visit to get to know the city of San Rafael, a former French colony of the 19th century, the city of Papantla, famous for being the main producer of vanilla in the state. Also nearby is El Tajin, an archaeological zone named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Anton Lizardo

It is located just 23 km from the port of Veracruz, near Boca del Rio, it is one of the beaches in Veracruz ideal for diving since it is part of the Reef System. Among its beaches, the most famous are Isla del Amor and El Conchal, it is also one of the favorite places of the members of the Caguama Sport Fishing Club, since it is located in a fishing village.

When you need a break, Antón de Lizardo is the option, accompanied by a delicious peanut, soursop or mamey torito, an ice cream with rum (the local specialty) and everything to savor a delicious dish of Veracruz gastronomy as it deserves.

You can visit the facilities of the Heroic Naval Military School, remember to dress appropriately, that is, with shoes, socks, pants and a shirt, not in a bathing suit or shorts, or flip-flops, since the tour is led by officers trained to give you the best care.


Montepio Beach

It is the main beach of Los Tuxtlas and is located at the mouth of two small rivers called Col and Maquina in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the place for adventurers and explorers as you can rent a boat and visit the rocky South Coast and explore some caves.

One of the favorite activities of those who visit this beach is to get on the floating banana with other people and be taken on a ride at full speed, kayaking is another option to enjoy your day in Montepío. The town is 39 kilometers north of Catemaco, during the low season, this destination is a paradise for those who seek calm beaches of Veracruz, it also has some hotels and restaurants.

Chachalacas Beach

It goes beyond being one of the beautiful beaches of Veracruz like so many others, in this place you will find huge dunes that will leave you breathless as soon as you discover their magnitude. It is a very beautiful place where the dunes divide the sea and the river, Chachalacas is located 5 km from Úrsulo Galván.


Here you can practice motocross especially in the Dunes. The view from above will leave you speechless. It is not new that when people are climbing the dunes they suddenly come across a 4×4 truck or some ATVs up to the top, it is also very recommended to practice sandboarding, which is a sport that consists of descending dunes with special boards similar to those of snowboarding.

Its beach has calm waves and you can practice water sports such as diving. Banana boat rides, among many others, also near here are the archaeological sites of La Antigua, Cempoala and Quiahuiztlán. In Antigua, you will be able to see the remains of the house of Hernán Cortés and of course the first church that is said to be the first in all of Latin America.

Hidden Beach

It is one of the beaches of Veracruz with great beauty and is located 100 km south of the city of Veracruz, north of the coast of Los Tuxtlas, to get there it is necessary to take a boat from Montepío, ride a horse or walk.

Due to its difficult access, this is one of the beaches in Veracruz that does not have lodging services. It is best to camp or move to Catemaco, Santiago or San Andrés Tuxtla. As for food, there are small restaurants in the area that sell delicious Veracruz dishes such as red snapper or mojarras with garlic mojo. In Playa Escondida you will find the perfect place to enjoy a day surrounded by the incredible jungle vegetation while swimming or taking a boat ride.

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