best bars in mexico city

Best bars in the magic town of Mexico

For the people who want to spend their vacations in a fun-loving place, Mexico is the right choice for them. The most recommended place to visit in Mexico is the magic town of Mexico. These towns have different and unique attractions that can quickly grab the attention of the tourist. Today, we are going to discuss the bars in a city of magic. Let’s get started.

Bars in magic town:

Here are some of the most amazing and best bars in magic town. Let’s check it out:

1.      Zinco Jazz Bar

Jazz darlings should look out for Zinco Jazz Club when visiting Mexico City since it is perhaps the best area to get some live jazz entertainers. The bar’s dynamic environment is enlivened by the live shows, at which the artists can truly interface with the crowd. Give yourself a chance to be moved to New York, while sitting in the storm cellar of a previous bank in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Regardless of its small size, this jazz club has seen some enormous names go to its stage, including the celebrated saxophonist, Charlie Parker. I appreciate a casual night of music at this awesome bar.

2.      Area Bar

Polanco is home to an in vogue housetop bar, the Area Bar, which has a place with the Hotel Habita. The tip-top of Mexico City can be found at this lavish setting, which offers stunning perspectives on the in-vogue neighborhood. You can get the benefit as much as possible from the delightfully decked parlor region. It has its housetop pool during the day. The sunsets, appreciate the joys of relaxing at this upscale bar while tasting a delicious mixed drink.

3.      Artic Bar

Mexico is the home to the Latin America’s first ice bar. At this exceptional bar, you can encounter the frosty temperatures of 15˚F in their ice room, where you can relax on ice couches. Try not to stress over wrapping up before showing up. The bar gives appropriate garments to wear, just as a free shot served in a glass made of ice. For the individuals who wish to move, there is a different parlor territory and move floor set at room temperature. The environment here will guarantee a remarkable night.

4.      La Unica

La Unica is a café bar that offers a fantastic menu comprising of Mexican joys. They are readied utilizing the freshest fixings, regardless of whether it is fish from the Pacific or vegetables from the earth. A shocking lounge area is partitioned into isolated segments, every one enriched in its cutting edge style. An appealing wine list goes with the menu, which is balanced a painstakingly formed mixed drink list. Go through an otherworldly night in this extraordinary bar, enjoying the magnificent kinds of Mexico.

Bars in magic town are open throughout the night. There are some special events and concerts that also host by the bars in a city of magic. So, don’t forget to visit these bars and enjoy your trip here in Mexico. 

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