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Best Hotels in Hermosillo You Can Book

We know that there are many hotels in Hermosillo, but we cannot recommend that every one of these is good enough to be booked. The best hotels in Hermosillo you can book is made easy for you because after so much research, effort and time consumption, we have come up with the list of the hotels in this place that are high rates, have good standard of accommodation, nice packages for regular customers, reasonable price range, and much more.

1.      Araiza

Araiza hotel is one of those that is very popular in Hermosillo because it is although just 3-star hotels but feels like around 4 starts one. The facilities it offers to its customers are way better than many other local hotels in this place. You can book in advance or just get it on the spot as well.

2.      Fiesta Inn

Fiesta Inn is a 3.5-star hotel and if you search it out online then you will realize how popular it is among the local people as well as the tourists. Everyone seems happy with the environment, the food provided to them and also the accommodation setting along with charges they have to pay for it.

3.      Lucerna

Among many hotels in Hermosillo, Lucerna is one of the top-rated one. It is just a 4-start hotel, but no less than a 5 start one because they offer high-quality services to regular and new clients with no difference. Their main advantage of hiring is that they have flexible packages for the customers, so you can hire the room or get food, etc according to what you need.

4.      Fiesta Americana

Another 5-start hotel that is known for its friendly environment. Also, people talk about the staff that is so helpful to the customers in no matter what situation they are facing. There is no problem with them when it comes to extra adjustment, except that they charge a little bit more than normal 4-star hotels.

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5.      San Angel

San Angel is just a 3.5-star hotel, but unlike other hotels which are 3 to 4 stars in range, this one offers such great food or meal options. They have started the attached buffet which is incredible and people are rushing to it for the amazing experience.

6.      San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a cool hotel with 3 stars rating. Well, the location of it might not be very exciting and easy to reach, but once you check-in, you realize that it is offering one of the best customer services and very reasonable charges for hiring it.


If you think that the hotels in Hermosillo are hard to search, then now your perception must have been changed. Throughout list of best hotels in Hermosillo you can book immediately when you reach this destination or if you want in advance, you must be feeling very much happy and relieved at the same time that there are multiple options now that you can avail for sure.

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