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Learn about birdwatching in Guatemala

In order to restore Guatemala’s economy, ecotourism is being supported by avitourism. Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez, a Guatemalan businessman and nature lover, has mentioned that it’s a great idea that will help tourism in the country.

Read on, as this post will tell you about the bird watching scene in Guatemala.

Overview of Birdwatching in Guatemala

Avitourism aims to show the diversification in the tourist offer of outdoor physical activities in Guatemala. This with the idea that the income generated by tourism in natural areas, mostly are reinvested in the conservation of local biodiversity.

It is estimated that in the biodiversity of Guatemala there are more than 700 species and 83 families of birds, being a great opportunity to promote bird tourism in the country. This is not only limited to bird watching but also opens a window to physical outdoor tourism activities in natural areas.

Antigua Guatemala

One of the most visited destinations to see wildlife is Antigua Guatemala. Here there are hills, mountains, and volcanoes that still retain excellent forest cover; this makes the perfect setting for bird watching, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and other outdoor physical activities.

Today, we can find in social networks many pages and groups that share their bird sightings and photographs. Bird photography is an activity that in recent years has taken great relevance; also operators that currently offer the bird photography segment to the international market.

San Bartolomé and El Hato

In San Bartolomé (Milpas Altas) and El Hato (Sacatepéquez), is where much of the natural forest, which still remain around Antigua Guatemala, is protected. Here you will find the largest lavender gardens in the country, as well as trails surrounded by nature and many birds.

In the area of El Hato there are private nature reserves to receive tourists, where there are still natural forests, mainly pine and oak. These conserve native species and thousands of migratory birds in the Guatemalan territory.

Irene Rodriguez, Partner of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT and President of the Association of Avitourism of Guatemala, has mentioned that a tourist will be able to see in Guatemala more than 300 types of birds. These include regional endemics or species of restricted habitat, as well as a variety of migratory species.

Birdwatching is an important part of ecotourism, economically speaking, as it does not require large investments in infrastructure and helps to conserve biodiversity.

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