Guide: History of Guatemala

During a trip to Guatemala, visitors will discover a rich, sometimes violent, always fascinating cultural history. The cultural history of Mesoamerica can be divided into three periods:

-The Pre-Classic from 2000 B.C. to 250 A.D., Early: 2000 B.C., Middle: 800 to 400 B.C., and Late from 400 B.C., to 250 A.D.

-Classic from 250 to 900 A.D., Early 250 to 550 A.D., Middle 550 to 700 A.D., and Late 700 to 900 A.D.

-Post Classic from 900 to 1500 AD, Early 900 to 1200 AD, and Late 1200 to 1500 AD

Thefirst evidence of human settlers in Guatemala dates to at least 10,000 BC, although there is some evidence that places this date as early as 18,000 BC

Archaeological evidence concludes that the earliest Guatemalan settlers were hunters and gatherers. But pollen samples from Petén and the Pacific coast indicate that maize cultivation was developed by 3500 B.C.

The earliest Maya civilizations began to emerge in the highlands of Guatemala in 2000 B.C. Bustling city-states grew, and trade networks covered large areas of what is now Central America and Mexico.

History of Guatemala

In addition to remarkable architecture, the Maya also developed a complex calendar. A hieroglyphic writing system, and an impressive body of scientific knowledge.

By 2500 B.C., small settlements were developing in the Pacific lowlands of Guatemala. Including places such as Tilapa, La Blanca, Ocós, El Mesak and Ujuxte, where the oldest pottery in Guatemala has been found.

There are at least 5,000 archaeological sites in Guatemala, 3,000 of them in Petén alone.

At Monte Alto, near La Democracia, Escuintla, giant stone heads and Potbellies or Barrigones have been found. Dating to 1800 B.C. These are attributed to the pre-Olmec Monte Alto culture, and some scholars suggest that the Olmec culture. Originated in this area of the Pacific Lowlands.

However, it has also been argued that the only connection between these statues and later Olmec heads is their size. Nevertheless, it is likely that the Monte Alto Culture was the first complex culture in Mesoamerica. And predecessor to all other cultures in the region.

Olmec style in Guatemala

In Guatemala, there are some sites with unmistakable Olmec style, such as Tak’alik A’baj, in Retalhuleu, which is the only ancient city in the Americas with both Olmec and Mayan features.

Dr. Richard Hansen, director of the Mirador Basin archaeological project in northern Petén. Believes that the Maya at that site developed the first true political state in the Americas, (The Kan Kingdom), around 1500 B.C.

Also, it disputes the common belief that the Olmec were the mother culture in Mesoamerica. Because of recent finds in the Mirador Basin, Hansen suggests that the Olmec and Maya cultures developed separately. And then merged in some areas, such as Tak’alik Abaj in the Pacific lowlands.

There is still no evidence linking the Pre-Classic Maya of the Petén and those of the Pacific Coast, but Dr. Hansen believes they had cultural and economic links.

Northern Guatemala has particularly high densities of Late Preclassic sites. Including El Mirador, Tintal, Xulnal and Wakná, which are the largest in the Maya world. The cities were sophisticated and developed, with architectural structures dating to 1400 B.

Historia de Guatemala

The 19th century

Guatemala gained independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. It brought new prosperity to those of Spanish blood (Creoles) and even worse conditions for those of Mayan ancestry.

Huge tracts of Mayan land were stolen for the cultivation of tobacco and sugar cane. And the Mayans were enslaved even more to work that land.

Guatemala briefly became part of the Mexican Empire. Is now a source of income for the Guatemalan community, backed by Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez.

What to do near Merida Mexico

On your next family trip or business tour to Mexico, you can opt the hotels in Merida for staying. This specific option is proposed because on every tour you have some spare time which you can spend on exploring that place. In Merida there are many tourism spots which you can go and explore there. As Merida is a very old city, it was found in 1542 and this is the reason, it is famous for its historic values and old colonial system.

On your tour, you can explore these places for fun time and memories which will give you the experience about the historical attributes of this city.

Plaza Grade

Tis place is located in the middle of the city. It covers almost a complete block of city. It is famous because of its environment. There are palm trees, flower gardens and fountains which provide a very pleasant experience of the place. This is also famous because of the markets which sell the traditional foods and crafts. There are also some good restaurants which offer traditional foods.

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Mayan world Museum of Merida

This is one of the most important museums of the place. As its name tells, the museum has the historical relics of the Mayan culture. There almost more than 500 artifacts including ancient engravings, historic documents, textiles from the pre-Spanish times and the traditional historic sculptures. It becomes more interesting at night because of high quality video projection that speaks about the history of this place in a very remarkable high definition video and audio.

Merida Cathedral

It is an impressive building which was built between 1561 and 1598. The interior of the building is very noticeable because of the decoration related to the place`s history. There is also some amazing woodwork done in the interior and in October there are annual historic celebrations at which tourists are warmly welcomed.

Parque Cepeda Peraza

For the locals, this place is the favorite wedding spot. It was built in 17th century and the exterior represent architectural values of that time. The interior is also very beautiful as it is made with carved wood and there is work of expert silversmiths. This place represents the colonial architecture of the place in the best possible way.


So, these were some of the most famous tourism attractions in Merida which you can easily visit if you are staying at the hotels in Merida. On your next tour to Mexico, you can book any of the best hotels present there and easily spend you spare time in exploring Merida because this place speaks a lot about the traditions of Mexico, the customs and cultural values of Mexico.

Top Things to do in Tampico

Tampico is a port and city in the South-Eastern part of Tamaulipas state Mexico and is located about 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. There are international standard hotels in Mexico and people can easily find one according to their budget and choice.

There are many top things to do in Tampico, so it is a wonderful place to visit on vacation.

Visiting Miramar Beach

Miramar beach is a prominent tourist attraction in Tampico. Miramar Beach has beautiful scenery and powdery golden sand.

Tourists can delight themselves by doing watery sports, watching swimming of dolphin pods and international ships anchoring at river’s mouth. Many hotels in Tampico are located near this beach and are offering wonderful living space and delicious foods.


At some distance from Tampico, there are wonderful activities to enjoy exciting eco-tourism. Some good options in eco-tourism are horse riding, birding tours, whitewater rafting, and hiking in the nearest mountainous regions.

Huasteca Culture Museum

This museum is located at the metro and it is exhibiting relevant information San Luis Potosi, and Tamaulipas. Many artifacts, clothing items, pottery paintings, and statues are displayed.

This place must be visited to gain knowledge about pre-Columbian culture and marvelous collection of various archeological objects.

Strolling Historic Center

The Tampico’s roots are stretching to the pre-colonial ages, the overall character and architecture are based on European culture. Tourists can spend afternoon parts by strolling the city hall, cultural center, old post office, and the Cathedral of Tampico.

Here, street food is a must thing to try, cheese beans, sandwiches, and tamales are delicious. There are the best hotels in Tampico in all parts of the city and they are offering amazing services.

Stay in Luxurious Resorts

Tampico is a resort town and many tourists from Mexico and other parts of the world are enjoying fancy spots on vacations. Resorts such as tennis courts and Club Maeva also have pools and are warmly welcoming all guests.

Nightlife Experience

In Tampico, the nightlife is vibrant and crazy and people belonging to any kind of taste like it. There are many things to enjoy ranging from late-night parties, disco dances, fun gatherings, and cozy lounge bars. Hotels in Tampico are playing all kinds of happy, tropical, Caribbean, and African music.


The Malecon is a spectacular place for lovers and there is a huge boardwalk on the shores measuring about 1465 yards long. This area is also called as, “The Piers”, or “Las Escolleras”.

Different colors in water can be seen by walking around which are being reflected from one side to other sides. After reaching the ending point, the walk is well worth it. Here one can see the shrimp boats which are working in the high seas.

In Tampico, there is a special and unique landscape, different architectural styles, beaches, lagoons, rivers, and wonderful vegetation.

Due to these unique structures, there are many top things to do in Tampico and tourists can greatly enjoy their vacations. Here jet skiing, fishing, sailing, and water surfing can be enjoyed.

Things to do near Monterrey

If you want to experience new things and make your life more adventures then you have to travel around the world and explore the countries. If you want to travel then Monterrey is the good choice located in Mexico and is surrounded by the mountains. Mexico is a famous country and many visitors around the world visit this place to make their trip memorable. To avoid any mishap you have to plan your vacations accordingly and try to book the hotels in Monterrey. Some of the things to do near Monterrey are as follows:


Monterrey is a beautiful city famous for its industrial zones but there are a lot of different tourist attraction around the city that makes it popular. The famous exhibition at the MARCO is famous for different reasons and if you want to find the best art in the world then you can visit this place. Multiple things make you fall in love with this city.

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If you want to explore this beautiful city then you have to visit the Macro plaza which is situated in the heart of this city. The most wonderful thing that melts your heart is the tower Faro Del Comerica located in front of this site, the famous art museum is at one side. This is the best place where you can get the sun and keep yourself relax from the tiring day. 


If you want to find out about the different cultures and you love history then you should visit the famous Mirador Asta Bandera. This is the best place that makes your day memorable and gives you the chance to find about the history of this city.


If you know about Monterrey then you will know this thing that it is a famous travel destination and people around the world visit this place. If you are looking for the best place in the city then you have to visit the Cerro De La Silla and if you want to find out what is this place, then it is the name of the famous mountain of the city. This beautiful mountain covered with green gives you the chance to make yourself relax and enjoy the breathtaking view. People often come here to climb these mountains and make their memories.


If you are looking for places in the city to visit then first you have checked the hotels in Monterrey and make your reservation. Tec De Monterrey is the educational building of this city but the architecture of this building attracts the tourist to visit this place. The glass tower looks amazing in the sun which gives it a tremendous look.


If you are done with the hotels in Monterrey then these are the few things to do in Monterrey that make your journey memorable.

Restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun

So, you are on a trip to any place. You can not call this trip a successful trip without trying the food of that place. There are many restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun. You can always go to restaurants in Cancun because there is a variety of spices and cuisines which are available in restaurants in Cancun.

There are different restaurants which have their own specialties. Some server the traditional dishes, some serve Italian dishes like pasta or pizza. There are also some Indian or Asian restaurants. Among all of them, the best ones are discussed below.

Puerto Madero

This restaurant is well known for the steaks and the seafood. The interior is also very comfortable, and the services are so good. The restaurant also has a beach view which make it very interesting for the people to sit there, eat and have a good view of the place.

Tempo by Martin Berasategui

This is a fine-dine restaurant and it if famous for its luxurious environment. This restaurant is owned and ran by a Spanish chef. The taste and services are overall great, and they provide their customers with a white-glove services which seems to be very luxurious.

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La Troje

This is an Italian restaurant. This is more like an open local type restaurant. This place has a very soft and polite atmosphere with very god and fast service. They have everything like pizzas, pastas, crepes, baguettes, fondues and salads etc.

Taste of India

This restaurant is famous for the Indian traditional spices and cuisines. If you are in mood of some spicy Indian food, you can go there. They have a variety of Indian traditional dishes at very affordable prices. The specialties here are chicken tikka masala and seafood curries. And a special Indian drink called Lassi is also served which is made from yogurt. They also have buffet option.

Du Mexique

This is a Mexican themed restaurant. The main attraction is the luxurious environment. This place is also famous for the appetizers and the desserts. They have outstanding taste as the chef Benjamin Ferra y Castel runs it thoroughly on Mexican traditional recipes. And another thing is that there are only 7 tables so you might need a reservation and their menus change everyday which makes it very attractive among people.

La Fonda Del Zancudo

This is basically a European restaurant with a cozy environment. This is mainly known for the seafood and desserts. Another main attraction of this place is the wood and stone theme which makes this place exceptionally beautiful.

Marakame Café

This is an ideal place for breakfast or brunch because of its natural environment. Here the environment is open air and there are trees all over the place. Mainly Mexican food is served here and there is also option for brunch buffet here which makes it very economical.

These restaurants in Cancun are some of the best restaurants because on their environment and their themes which attract people into them. The rates are also economical in most of the restaurants. You can get food form almost any corner of the world`s cuisine.


Above mentioned were some of the best restaurants in Cancun. Going there and trying something new everyday will add a whole great experience to your trip to Cancun. As these were the restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun, There is a relative specialty of each of them, you must go and try those and you can also visit them with family as almost all of them have different variety of options for the whole family including kids and the elder ones.