Why visit Columbia this year?

Columbia is full of beautiful places, fantastic nightlife, beautiful street art, and delicious food. After spending some days in luxurious hotels in Latam and visiting famous beaches and parks of Columbia, you will get the answer to why people want to visit Columbia again and again.

If you are planning a trip to Columbia, here are some reasons for you to visit Columbia.

Fresh food and delicious coffee in Coffee Region

The coffee region in Columbia is made up of three provinces. Quindio provides nature lovers and foodies an incredible variety of options. Enjoy some of the best single-origin coffees from the farm where they are produced and fresh food in lunch made with ingredients from the kitchen garden of your hosts.

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Ease of transportation

With a range of reasonable transportation options, you can get to the highlights of Columbia very quickly and in a reasonable amount. The cost of metro tickets is less than $1 and buses and trams in Colombian cities also have similar prices.

Beautiful beaches

Colombia has more than 300 beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. There are beaches for all beach lovers. You have your quiet resort-style beaches on and around the Caribbean coast in Cartagena. It also has a healthy tropical paradise on Providencia and San Andres Island.

National Parks

There are 59 natural parks in Columbia. These parks differ in landscapes, climate, and ecosystems. Many of them offer unique experiences to visitors, such as water activities and hiking.  All of Colombia’s national parks are designed to protect the region’s ecosystems, wildlife, culture, wildlife, and architectural heritage.

Amazing street art

The trend of street art in Columbia has busted since the Bogotá legalized graffiti in the year 2011, leading to a real open air gallery through the city. An expert guide can let you see the beautiful work of some of the world’s most famous street artists.

Friendly people

Colombians are famous for their hospitable and welcoming culture. Tourists are often surprised by the amiable atmosphere of Colombia.  They are also very proud of their culture and heritage and are always eager to share their home with visitors.

Genuine experiences

It is much easier to overcome superficial impressions and to get authentic experiences. Whether you try the best street food, traditional, luxurious hotels in Latam or meet veterans to see up close how the country is progressing, you will have the opportunity to see the real Colombia.

If you are thinking, why visit Columbia this year? These are some of the best reasons. Make sure to consider the list of best hotels in Latam and choose the best one in your budget for a comfortable stay and fresh mornings.

Which is the best time of year to visit Puebla?

Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico and has more than 30 lakhs inhabitants. Founded by the Spanish in 1531, it is known for its rich history and colonial architecture. Puebla had beautiful churches, Modern art museums, and many more to offer.

Restaurants in Puebla also provide delicious and mouth-watering local dishes. If you are wondering which is the best time of year to visit Puebla, the answer may depend on your choice and personality.

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Why Visit Puebla?

Long before the arrival of the Spanish, Puebla was a center for Indian pottery, and citizens happily inserted designs and techniques, which are said to have originated in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Talavera pottery production reached its peak at the end of the 17th century.

Originally blue and white, it acquired shades of green, orange, and yellow in the 18th century. Even a short stroll through the city presents a crazy patterned quilt engraved on the domes, churches, hotels, fountains and restaurants in Puebla.  

Puebla is full of colonial buildings decorated with intricate tiles as well as beautiful Museums. Located just outside the center, the museum features a modern, clean white design with beautiful pieces of Baroque art. On a clear day, the majestic Popocatepetl volcano in the background provides an appropriate backdrop for Puebla.

Moreover, Puebla’s unique blend of Spanish and European cooking techniques is the proudest cuisine in Mexico. The most common types of their national food are chicken mole poblano and chiles en nogadaas well as traditional sweets such as alegreas, crystal fruits and sweet potato candy.

Although many will dispute the claim that the mole was created in Puebla, there is no doubt that the rich, creamy Mexican sauce made with many ingredients is now one of Puebla’s most significant exports. The mole can be found in most traditional restaurants in the state, including small family restaurants, each with its recipe.    

If you are a winter season lover, the best time to visit Puebla will be different for you than the person who enjoys more in the summer season. Dry and mild climate often prevails in Puebla in January. It is perhaps the ideal month to visit Puebla, with perfect weather at this time of the year. February is part of the dry season in most of Mexico. Although this time of year is technically in the middle of winter, it is still warm across the country and is ideal for exploring the best restaurants in Puebla or spending time on the beach. Think which is the best time of year to visit Puebla for you and book your ticket now.

What to do near Merida Mexico

On your next family trip or business tour to Mexico, you can opt the hotels in Merida for staying. This specific option is proposed because on every tour you have some spare time which you can spend on exploring that place. In Merida there are many tourism spots which you can go and explore there. As Merida is a very old city, it was found in 1542 and this is the reason, it is famous for its historic values and old colonial system.

On your tour, you can explore these places for fun time and memories which will give you the experience about the historical attributes of this city.

Plaza Grade

Tis place is located in the middle of the city. It covers almost a complete block of city. It is famous because of its environment. There are palm trees, flower gardens and fountains which provide a very pleasant experience of the place. This is also famous because of the markets which sell the traditional foods and crafts. There are also some good restaurants which offer traditional foods.

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Mayan world Museum of Merida

This is one of the most important museums of the place. As its name tells, the museum has the historical relics of the Mayan culture. There almost more than 500 artifacts including ancient engravings, historic documents, textiles from the pre-Spanish times and the traditional historic sculptures. It becomes more interesting at night because of high quality video projection that speaks about the history of this place in a very remarkable high definition video and audio.

Merida Cathedral

It is an impressive building which was built between 1561 and 1598. The interior of the building is very noticeable because of the decoration related to the place`s history. There is also some amazing woodwork done in the interior and in October there are annual historic celebrations at which tourists are warmly welcomed.

Parque Cepeda Peraza

For the locals, this place is the favorite wedding spot. It was built in 17th century and the exterior represent architectural values of that time. The interior is also very beautiful as it is made with carved wood and there is work of expert silversmiths. This place represents the colonial architecture of the place in the best possible way.


So, these were some of the most famous tourism attractions in Merida which you can easily visit if you are staying at the hotels in Merida. On your next tour to Mexico, you can book any of the best hotels present there and easily spend you spare time in exploring Merida because this place speaks a lot about the traditions of Mexico, the customs and cultural values of Mexico.

Top bars to explore in Merida

If you are a more party person than a calm person. Or you want to have some fine drinks and food of you tour to Merida then you will be in search of some of the best restaurants in Merida or top bar in Merida. As the place itself is very traditional in terms of the historical colonial architecture. The whole city explains the tales of the history, traditions and culture of the country, so does the food. Here you will some of the finest options for getting the best quality options to quench your thirst and remove your hunger.

In Merida, there are numbers options for both economical food and fine dine and there are also some of the best bars. Here we have discussed the best of them.

La Negrita Cantina

So, you can call this one the best bar in town as it has various environments for various people. There is a live band on the inside and on the outside, there is a tree in the center of the place which makes the environment calm and soothing. There is a large seating arrangement. Their prices are very economical, and the music is so good that you would want to dance.


This place gives you most of the Mexican essence. The seating arrangement is huge so no worries about finding a place or dance or sit. The drinks are cheap here and the interior of the place gives a very aesthetic outlook to it. The staff here is very friendly and professional. This is a very good option if you are looking for some cocktails to quench your thirst or to relax yourself.

Aracataca Rumba & café

This place also has reasonable place for sitting. The menu has various options but the best thing you can get here is their coffee and Colombian pastries. So, you could come here for the breakfast or lunch which will be the better option for you. There various cocktails are also served with many other things from the menu card. You can give this place a visit and will surely be amazed with the professionalism of their staff and the vibe of that place itself.


From all the restaurants in Merida these were some of the best or you can say that these were the top bars in Merida where you can go with your colleagues if you are on a business trip or with your family members if you are on a family trip or vacation. These places can be your best options if you are out for some fun time as you can explore the whole city, and these will be at your service throughout the day.

Special spices you will find in Mexico

We all are well aware that Mexican foods are famous because of the special spices. The spicy taste of their foods doesn’t come from anywhere else that those special spices that they use in their foods. The spices are the reason that Mexican food items like burritos and tacos etc. are famous all over the food. If you are going on a trip to Mexico City, you can surely taste all their scrumptious spicy foods in the hotels in Mexico City.

Some of the most commonly used herbs and spices for making Mexican food are discussed here which are responsible for giving you the best taste of Mexican food in the world.


Mexican Oregano

It is the most popular item used in Mexican foods because it gives their food items more taste than any other oregano.


IT is another herb which is very popular in the Mexican Recipes. It is mostly used is sauces and salsas


It is usually found in Mexican soups or foods with more liquid part like curries.



It is used in every recipe which needs to be spice. This is because cumin helps other chilies to balance the flavors and cumin is mostly found in taco seasonings.


It is Used in some desserts and other than that it is commonly used in recipes of fish and vegetables.


It is usually used in beverages or desserts

Annatto Seed

It is basically used for the yellow coloring in Mexican foods. They also have rich flavor.


It is used in a very few quantities, only used with beans to make them more easily digestible. The reason for using in very small quantities is that if heavy amount is used, then it can be dangerous and even toxic.

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Special Mexican chilies

Guajillo chilies

These are used to give a little tart to the food. It is also slightly hot.

Serrano Chilies

They are hotter and they have a fruity flavor with a sense of crisp and smokiness.

De Arbol chilies

They are very hot as they cause acidic heat and they have grassy flavor.


These were some of the most used spices which are specially knows for the taste of Mexican foods. These spices are present in almost every part of the world but the reason these make the Mexican foods so much more tasty and spice are because they are specially grown according to their traditional ways and these are also dried according to their historical cultural ways which give these spices the tendency to give out most taste from them. The hotels in Mexico City use only the spices which are grown in Mexico for the best results.


Guadalajara is the city located on the western side of Mexico. People around the world want to tour this place and experience the history of this city. This is one of the oldest places in Mexico and this place was famous for many reasons. Mexico is a beautiful place with a different culture and tradition. Mexico is a dream travel destination for the tourist and many people from around the world visits this country to spend their vacations. if you traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico then you have to book a hotel in Guadalajara on a prior basis because on peak time you will not get any room or hostel to stay. Guadalajara is the best place and you will never get bored while you are in this city because these are some amazing places in Guadalajara that make your journey memorable are as follows.


Once you have arrived in this city then you have to start your tour from the historical center. The historical center is a very famous place in Guadalajara because here you will know about their culture, institutions, and cathedrals. You can walk on the street and enter another place named plaza de Armas and historical governor’s building, these are the most beautiful structure in Guadalajara. If you are crazy about getting a selfie or your pictures then this is the best street to click your snaps. 


If you want to enjoy this city and know about the city then you have to do some effort. Don’t worry you have to meet the local tour guide who explores the beautiful city free of cost and gives you a tour of two hours on the street. You have to meet at the gazebo in the Plaza de Armas at 11 in the morning.

Stay in Guadalajara Mexico


If you have explored the city and now, you are tired and want to eat something special then the best thing in Guadalajara is their tortas ahogadas. The famous tortas Ahogadas means the drowned sandwiches. If you come to this city then you have to eat the most popular dish in the city to uplift the enjoyment of your tour.


If you are coming to Guadalajara then you have to do a few things to avoid any mishap, first, you have to reserve the tickets on the flight and secondly, you have to book the best hotel in Guadalajara to stay in this city. Once you arrived in this city then you have to visit the 18- century government palace. If you visit this place then you will know the beautiful architecture of this building.


There are some amazing places to explore in Guadalajara but first, you have book your hotel in Guadalajara to avoid any misadventure.


San Luis Potosi is a beautiful place located in Mexico. If you are looking for a place for the tour then you should visit this place surrounding by beautiful beaches and canyons. The best thing about this place is their food and other adventures activities that make this place more popular. People from all over the world visit this place and if you want to book the hotels in San Luis Potosi then it is the right decision because, in peak time, it is very difficult to find the rooms to live in. Some of the activities in San Luis Potosi that makes this place a tourist place are as follows:


This place is very famous for people who love to visit museums. Museums are the best place for the people who wants to know about the culture and historical sites of the city. Arts itself is the language and it can express the people of the city. The people who visit this place love the beautiful architecture of the place. This building highlights the history itself and you can feel the historical moments on your own.


Mexico is not only famous for its beaches but it is also famous for its culture and history. If you want to find the best activity in the city then you should visit the famous museum. Many people visit these places and tour their museums. These historical places are soo crowded that people search the hotels in San Luis Potosi to book and avoid any mishap. This museum is a beautiful place that highlights the Capilla de Aranzazú and there are a lot of small things that describe their culture.

San Luis Potosi center


If you are a food lover and you want to find the best activity in San Luis Potosi then you should visit the famous restaurants. It is one of the famous restaurants and people love to enjoy their meals. Mexican people have different taste and people wants to eat the food of Mexico because of their unique and different taste. If you are tired of touring the whole day then you can have brunch at LA Parroquia and enjoy the meal.


If you want to enjoy your tour and make it memorable then you should visit the famous place in san luis Potosi named Tamul waterfall. A famous waterfall is a beautiful place for people who want to spend their time in a peaceful place. The best part about this place is that you can also enjoy the exciting sports offered at this place and fulfill your adventurous dream also.


Parks are always important things in the city and it is the best thing to attract tourists. It is the largest urban park in the country and you can visit this park to relax.


If you are finding the activities in San Luis Potosi then there are multiple places you should visit in this city but first, you should book the hotel in San Luis Potosi.

Amazing Museums to Explore in Chile

To enjoy the amazing places in chile, you have to keep the amazing museums to explore in Chile at the top of your list. Well, this is very well known for this place. Apart from the chile hotels that are very well known for their special food, diversity, the type of flavor, method of cooking, and much more, the museums are also very known at this place. We have compiled the list of the topmost museums of Chile that you must explore on your visit to this place. These include the following list:

1.      Mirador Interactive Museum

If we talk about the statistics of people coming to visit this Mirador interactive museum, then it might cross 5 lakh people in total per year. Most of these visitors are kids, and that is probably the best part of making this interactive museum. They come here from time to time, enjoy and learn at the same time. During many times in the year, they are free to visit, like when there are working days. While in the vacation time the fee has to be submitted in order to visit them.

2.      Memory and Human Rights

Well, as the name suggests, this museum is all about past memories and human rights. Those people in the past who were the victim of any kind in their life and the way they got their selves out of that situation is all mentioned in this museum. Other than this, there is a motivation for people who are battling different situations in their lives and now would like to just reach a destination where they can find peace. This museum is going to give them this strength.

3.      Chascona House Museum

As much as the chile hotels are famous, this Chascona house museum is equally famous too. Till the year 1990, this Chascona House museum was known as the monument in Chile, while after that when the people realized its importance and also it started to deteriorate, they converted it into a museum to preserve it and to help the coming generations learn through it. It has everything in its original form s when it was constructed.

4.      Nao Victoria Museum

Well, the Nao Victoria Museum is also very popular at this location which you must visit once you come here for your vacations. It is an interactive museum that is filled with many facilities. They offer the audio recording that explains everything to the visitors, there are also the touch screen and also the weapons of the past. They might not be real, but exact replicas of those.

Nao Victoria Museum


As you see the above list of amazing museums to explore in Chile, you must have realized how amazing these museums are, even more than the chile hotels. Well, now you have a complete list and you can choose to explore all of them or a few of them that you like. There are so many other museums too, but those have to be explored when you reach the destination.

Amenities You Can Enjoy in City Express Plus

Amenities you can enjoy in City Express Plus are many in number, and you might not have enough time to cover all of them in your brief visit over here. So, if you are planning a detailed visit to City Express Plus El Angel, then make sure you do all your research everything, plan them in detail too, book and managing are done in the best way and then you leave for this City Express Plus El Angel. We have compiled a few points for you that include the activities that you can do once you come to City Express Plus El Angel. Let us get started with these in detail in the section mentioned below.

1.      Fitness Center and Pool

City Express Plus El Angel has a fitness center that offers the people visiting it the time and space to enjoy their time. This is the best option for those who want to pass their time productively only. Other than this, as we told you earlier too, the City Express Plus El Angel is such a nice place that it takes care of all the needs of their customers Along with that, they offer the services in which they give you a pool to take sower and relax you mid from all the traveling stress. In offseasons, it is free of cost while some money has to be paid in the season when many people are visiting. So, they offer this to those only who pay for it.

City Express El Angel’s gym

2.      Air-Conditioned Lounge

City Express Plus El Angel is a nice place overall, and people like to come here mostly in the summer season. So, all you can find here is the best cool environment that one dream for in spring and summer. The lounge is full of comfortable sofas along with the large TV screen which you can enjoy relaxing and comforting your mind after the long traveling time is done finally.

3.      Luxurious Hotels

This is one of the best things that you might visit in the City Express Plus El Angel because the kind of restaurants and hotels that you find here are very unique, low priced and very luxurious. For the people coming from outside, these become even more welcoming and comfortable. So, whenever you get the chance to stay at the City Express Plus El Angel, try to reach out to their hotels to relax and see how amazing services they will provide you.


All the amenities you can enjoy in City Express Plus are mentioned in the section given above. You now that the City Express Plus El Angel is one of the nicest and unique places to just stop by, relax and rejuvenate your whole body. Many people do this, but in the end, they make sure that they take full advantage of it by using all the above-mentioned facilities. You must also try to do the same and see how amazing the City Express Plus El Angel option would look like at the end of the day.

Activities to Enjoy in San Luis Potosi With Family

San Luis Potosi is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. People like to visit this place in their vacations, no matter summer or winter. It offers so much to the visitors from the best hotels in San Luis Potosi to transport and recreational places. You name it and you will find at least a few of the destinations in this location according to what you are seeking. We have compiled a few of places and activities to enjoy in San Luis Potosi with family. We are quite sure that you will like all these places and activities. The list is as follows:

  1. There are so many religious points in the San Luis Potosi that one must visit when reaching this place. It offers cathedrals, temples, mosques, and much more. In other words, you will find a spiritual point for every religion at this one location, so if you want to visit and explore such places, then surely this is a nice place for you.
  2. Well, there are so many points in the San Luis Potosi that will attract your attention in terms of their natural beauty. There are very few places in the world that are preserved in their natural form, and San Luis Potosi is one of those places in the world. It is free of pollution, full of greenery and a very nice habitat of wildlife. So, you can stay at a distance and enjoy it all.
  3. The landmarks are a very important part of the San Luis Potosi, and that becomes the point of attraction for many people. So, if you really want to get to this place, then it will offer you all that you want, and in terms of the kind of things. It is not easy to mention them all here, but you can search them out easily before making the plans.
  4.  To your surprise, the hotels in San Luis Potosi are one of those in the world that are popular for their different cosine. All you can do to enjoy their food is to visit their restaurants and even try the street food that is the best depiction of what their method of cooking is, their main ingredients, the spices they mix to make food, and many more tips and tricks.
  5. There are so many parks in the San Luis Potosi, and this is a very uncommon thing in other parts of the world, so you can surely try and enjoy this unique thing too because it is going to make you very happy.


As we all know that the activities to enjoy in San Luis Potosi with family are numerous, as well as the facilities like the hotels in San Luis Potosi, the transportation, the landscape and the beaches are all very attractive. So, if you are planning for your next summer vacation to a nice place that offers so much to you, then this place is going to help you a lot.