Guadalajara is the city located on the western side of Mexico. People around the world want to tour this place and experience the history of this city. This is one of the oldest places in Mexico and this place was famous for many reasons. Mexico is a beautiful place with a different culture and tradition. Mexico is a dream travel destination for the tourist and many people from around the world visits this country to spend their vacations and enjoy the restaurants in Guadalajara.

If you traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico then you have to book your hotel on a prior basis because on peak time you will not get any room or hostel to stay. You to travel to keep yourself fresh and you can reduce stress if you yearly go on a vacation. The basic rule of traveling is to pack your bag in the manner that you do not carry expensive things that you keep your luggage with you or do not carry a bag with so much weight that you can not enjoy your tour. These are some reasons to pack light while traveling which are as follows:


You are in love with traveling then you have to make the rule that does not carry heavy luggage with yourself because it will destroy your journey and you will not enjoy your trip. Let’s assume if you are carrying more than one bag with you then how can you will pick your train, bus or plane. The best thing you can do is to take a handbag with you which carries few important necessary things. The other disadvantage of carrying more weight is that you have to pay for your extra luggage to the airline. 


If you have one bag then you can keep an eye on the bag or you keep it to yourself. This will make a lesser chance of any incident or damage and you will not face any complaint of luggage lost or anything. This will automatically reduce your stress and makes your trip successful and you will surely enjoy your trip.

enjoy your free time


Although it is true that there are many restaurants in Guadalajara that are very famous for its foods but if you want to dine in and enjoy the meal then you have to save money and do not spend your money on extra things like extra charges to bus or airline for extra luggage.


If you carry one bag then it is obvious you will save your time and you have to take care of your belonging. You will not be engaged to look after your luggage and valuable things.


Traveling is the best part of your life and you have to spend the time on beaches or to explore the city. Guadalajara is the best place to visit on this vacation because there are many famous places in this city and there are famous restaurants in Guadalajara. If you are tired of heavy luggage then these are the reasons to pack light while traveling.

Concerts to enjoy in Mexico City in 2020

Mexico City stands out as one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy your vacations.  It also has the largest number of museums in the world and ranks fourth in the list of cities with the most cinemas. If you are a fan of enjoying live musical concerts, Mexico City is the best destination. Search for the best hotels in Mexico and get ready to enjoy the concerts. Here are some of the best concerts to enjoy in Mexico City in 2020.

Wilco Concert

Wilco’s alternative rock band is still strong. They are neither glamorous nor charming, but they are great musicians who give an incredible live show. Plus, they keep their ticket prices low, but they play for at least two hours until you get what you pay for and something else. To hear them, you will never believe that they have been playing some of these songs since the 1990s. Not all the numbers seem completely new and contemporary, but the team puts a lot of energy into each performance as if it was their first time on stage.  

Gloria Trevi Concert

Gloria Trevi has been a Mexican pop-rock artist since the mid-80s. Gloria Trevi, a talented singer and songwriter, produced twelve albums between 1989 and 2019. Gloria Trevi succeeded with the release of her first album, Que Hago Aqui. Trevi toured Central America, South America and Mexico. You will definitely enjoy this concert but make sure to search for the best hotels in Mexico to relax after a fantastic show.

Ramon Melendi Espina Concert 

Ramon Melendi Espina, known as Melendi, is a Spanish songwriter and singer who have sold more than 350,000 albums during his career. Melinda has been one of the most important figures on the music scene in recent years and is admired by many general artists. Most likely, many of his songs are now part of the musical history of Spain. It is famous for its crowded and incredible concerts. His specialties are flamenco, rock, and rumba styles. This is an excellent opportunity for all fans who want to enjoy his songs live.

Eros Ramazotti Concert

Eros Ramazotti is a famous Italian singer and songwriter whose lively voice and emotional love songs have captivated audiences in Italy and around the world since the late 1980s.  Ramazzotti is popular in Italy, most European countries, and the Spanish-speaking world, where he has released most of his albums in Italian and Spanish.

Backstreet Boys Concert

Backstreet Boys is a famous American vocal group. The group has AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson. Their reason for fame was the international debut album; Backstreet Boys in 1996. At the height of the teen pop explosion in the late 1990s, the Backstreet Boys team appeared at the top of the boys. Hybrid of R&B, dance-pop and hip-hop initially found its biggest fans in Canada and Europe, while success in the homeland did not last until the mainstream pop was a hit on MTV and radio in America.

If you are planning a trip to Mexico these days and are a big fan of concerts, consider these concerts to enjoy in Mexico in 2020. Make sure to book the best hotels in Mexico to enjoy stress-free vacations.

Best of Monterrey in 2020 for the traveler

Monterrey is the capital of the Nuevo Leon state, known as the modern technological and industrial center. Monterrey is one of the favorite destinations of travelers. There are many good hotels in Monterrey. There are many things you can do here, from exploring the museums and squares of the city to visiting the great parks and monuments and exploring the old neighborhood. Here is the best of Monterrey in 2020 for the traveler.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey

Appreciate the Latin American art at the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art.  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO) is one of the best tourist attractions in Monterey. MARCO is an impressive work of art with a wide range of modern art from across the country. Many beautiful paintings, statues, and installations by Latin American artists can be found in 11 galleries of the museum. Marco often has many temporary exhibitions with famous artists from around the world, so there is always something interesting for the curious visitor.

Parque Fundidora

Enjoy nature, traditions, and culture in the heart of the city at Parque Fundidora. It is a large public park in eastern Monterrey. Located in the former property of the Monterrey foundry, the park is known as the best industrial archaeological site in Mexico, with its industrial buildings for the old foundry. You can walk, run or cycle along one of the many hiking trails. Or, stay entertained at the multi-purpose development of Cintermex, where you can find a convention center, ice rink, museum, and other cultural sites. Immerse yourself in nature, traditions and culture, all in one place in the heart of the city. Book the best hotels in Monterrey to relax after a tiring day.


Praise the Monterrey economy by visiting Horno 3.  Horno3 is an impressive structure that was once part of the steel industry of Monterrey. Today, the Steel Museum is an integral part of the industrial economy of Monterrey. Horno3 had the latest technology at the time and was the largest steel mill in Mexico. The industrial pride of Monterrey has become one of the largest museums in the country. Take the elevator to the platform where you can enjoy city views and enjoy the breeze.

hotels in mty


Macroplaza has something for everyone. It is located in the center of Monterrey, the fourth largest public square in the world. One of its most impressive features is the 70-meter-high commercial lighthouse, which is a slender orange architecture designed by Louis Paragon. Other highlights include the famous Marco Museum of Modern Art, the Government Palace, and Neptune Fountain. Indeed, there are one or two attractions that catch your eye at Macroplaza.

Barrio Antiguo

Visit Barrio Antiguo for a nostalgic tour of the old town of Monterrey. The well-preserved historic buildings that line the small town add to its cozy charm and provide the perfect backdrop for some aerial images. With many cafes serving delicious meals here, the Barrio Antiguo is a great place to treat hunger. At night, the tranquil old town comes to life with live music at the famous Iguana Café. Relax with a drink or two with delicious pizzas and snacks while enjoying the lively nightlife.

With so much to do in Monterey, planning a typical day can seem daunting. Consider this guide for the best of Monterrey in 2020 for the traveler. Don’t forget to search for the best hotels in Monterrey to choose the best.

Places in Monterrey to visit with kids

Monterrey is a large industrial and business center surrounded by mountains. There are many tourists’ destinations and restaurants in Monterrey. There are many places in Monterrey for the kids, teens and for the family. If you are in Monterrey with your family, here are some best places in Monterrey to visit with kids.

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium

This incredible attraction is one of the best aquariums in the world. Spend some time watching the fish swim in the huge aquarium.  In addition to the exhibitions, the museum also offers a variety of activities. Some of them include crossword puzzles, animal fact cards, animal bingo, and different games.  

  • Monterey Zoo

Another family activity you do in Monterey is visiting the Monterey Zoo. This 51-acre farm has over 100 animals. During your visit, you will come across different types of lions, leopards and tigers. They also have a black bear, zebras and elephants. Make sure to visit the main area on your tour, which includes capuchins monkey, baboons, and lemurs. In addition to animal tours, the Monterey Zoo also offers several educational programs.

  • KidZania

KidZania is also known as the city of kids. It is a space where your children can enjoy an incredible adventure. KidZania, Children’s City is an interactive space for children from 1 to 14 years old. All the stimulating activities offered by KidZania encourage learning through different games. You can also search for the best restaurants in Monterrey near KidZania to satisfy your kid’s hunger and cravings.

Kidzania MTY

This is a place where your kids can enjoy a summer camp; learn more about planets, the solar system, and even dinosaurs. Alpha Planetariumalso has an astronomical observatory, furnished with a 16-inch cotton telescope, where your children can begin to understand the enormous space. It is the first Latin American site to present a huge IMAX theatre.

  • Whale Watching

Migratory whales are the main system in Monterey Bay and offer children the opportunity to discover several types of whales up close during a cruise. There are many tour operators available in Monterey. Make sure to book early to avoid any kind of disappointments and enjoy the whale watching tour to the fullest with your little ones.

  • My Museum

For all the kids, MY Museum is a must to visit place while you are in Monterrey, especially on cold or uncertain days. This indoor children’s museum offers a variety of special play areas for learning and exploring.  Your kids will love this place and wants to visit it over and over again.

You will always find something new and fun in Monterrey, on every trip. Make sure to consider these places in Monterrey to visit with kids. Enjoy this vacation with many things you can do in Monterey with kids and enjoy your meals in the best restaurants in Monterrey. Book now and get ready for a fun-filled trip with your kids. After all, life is all about enjoying and making the best memories.

Delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico

Tampico city is located on the north bank of the Panuco River, about 10 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico and to the north of Veracruz. There are many good restaurants in Tampico, offering delicious and tasty dishes. Here is a list of the best and delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico.

El Muelle De

It is always full at weekends and is obviously for a good reason. It offers a full menu of delicious seafood dishes. The food is excellent, fresh ingredients are used and dish presentations are perfect. The shrimp cocktail and fish fillet are must-try. The prices are high but the quality and size of the dishes are justified. 

La Dolce Vita

If you are in Tampico and want an Italian dish, this is one of the best restaurants in Tampico for Italian dishes. Head to one of two locations of La Dolce Vita, one is on Avenida Universidad and the other is near to the Airport. If you don’t see anything on the menu you want, don’t worry. Tell the waiter about your plate and he will transfer your wishes to the kitchen.

EI Itacate

EI Itacate is a local restaurant and bakery, famous for its sweet bread and regional cuisine. Despite intense competition from national chains, they are still preferred by locals for breakfast, dinner, or a cup of tea or coffee. You will like the chilaquiles and the enpipianadas. It can be crowded during rush hour, which can slow the services.


If you are a salad lover and want to enjoy the delicious and unique salads in Tampico, Applebee’s Restaurant is for you. The restaurant also offers tastiest chicken and beef fajitas and delicious burgers etc. Enjoy the best types of salads, grilled meat and chicken, and the largest grilled hamburger at this relaxing family restaurant in Tampico. Although it opened recently, Applebee is becoming everyone’s favorite restaurant. They also offer kid’s menu and low carb dishes for those who want to keep themselves fit or on a diet.

Oriental Grill

Oriental Grill restaurant in Tampico many offers delicious dishes. Lee Chat chicken skewers with a delicious peanut sauce and Huan Ja prawns with green scallions and nuts are must-try recipes of Oriental Grill restaurant. These are just two of the many options at the Oriental Grill, located in the Golden Zone. Simple decor and pleasant background music create an elegant atmosphere.

EI Asador

EI Asador restaurantoffers tendered and juicy steaks in Tampico. You should try Tampiquena Steaks, their signature dish, beef tacos, and beef sandwiches topped with spicy salsa. The delicious taste of these dishes is the reason why people keep coming back to this busy restaurant over and over.

There are many other good restaurants in Tampico other than the one mentioned in this article. If you are in Tampico for a short period and are in search of delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico, this is the best guide for you.

How to travel Cancun on a tight budget

Traveling is one of the best things in life and if you are stress and want to take some rest then you should go on vacation. Now, if you are thinking about how to travel Cancun on a tight budget then don’t worry because Cancun is not the most expensive place to travel. You should follow these instructions which are under and save more money. You can also save money if you do not eat food in fancy restaurants in Cancun


The thing you can do to save money in traveling to Cancun is to plan ahead. If you book your flight tickets earlier then the tickets will be available at cheap prices and you can save money while traveling on cheap flights to Cancun. If you do not plan earlier then everything you want to book will be much more expensive. In a limited budget, you have to check out deals earlier. 


If you are traveling on off-peak timings then you could easily check the difference in prices of flights, trains and even buses. The prices are lower on off-peak times as compared to peak time. If you want to travel and enjoy your life then you should avoid visiting the travel destination on peak times like summers and spring holidays.


There are a lot of websites and application that shows the fluctuation in the prices of flights ticket. You just have to check these prices and booked the ticket at the lowest rate. This method is more helpful if you planned your journey earlier. Checking the rates of flights is the best thing that can save your money while traveling. 


If you really want to save money or you have limited resources to travel then you have to research the airport and cities. You have to know some basic things that if your flight to the main airport then automatically the ticket prices are higher. The thing you can do to avoid expanding extra money is that you can book a flight that is landing at the nearby airport and from that city, you can travel to your original destination through the railway or any other transport system which is more cheaper.

hotels in cancun


It is not necessary to take your huge luggage with you and pay extra money to the airline.


To avoid stress, you need to travel and if you are traveling with a limited amount then you have to check online application to rent a room or apartments from locals than spending money on luxury hotels.


There are a lot of restaurants in Cancun and it is also famous for its food. Local restaurant’s food is very tasty but they are very expensive, to check the pocket-friendly food you can visit the local store and buy groceries and cook at home. This method can save you money.


Traveling in a limited budget is not easy you have to check whether the place you are planning is affordable or not. You have to do this research before booking the tickets and do not visits the place that is very expensive. You have to select the cheapest location that is easily affordable and booked the cheapest flight.


If you have limited resources and you are confused about how to travel Cancun on a tight budget then do not get worried about this thing and follow the instructions above and this will help you to save a lot of money. If you want to save morey money then one thing you should keep in mind is that do not dine out in expensive restaurants in Cancun rather try some street food or cook food by yourself.


San Luis Potosi is the city in the central Mexico. People around the world want to tour this place and experience the history of this city. This is one of the oldest places in Mexico and this place was famous for many reasons. The main reason that makes this city popular is the huge reserve of the gold and silver mine. Mexico is a beautiful place with a different culture and tradition. Mexico is a dream travel destination for the tourist and many people from around the world visits this country to spend their vacations and enjoy the restaurants in San Luis Potosi.

If you traveling to San Luis Potosi, Mexico then you have to book your hotel in San Luis Potosi on a prior basis because on peak time you will not get any room or hostel to stay. You have to travel to keep yourself fresh and you can reduce stress if you yearly go on a vacation. some of the places that tourist loves to visit in the city are their museums and some famous museums in San Luis Potosi are as follows:


This place is very famous for people who love to visit museums. Museums are the best place for the people who wants to know about the culture and historical sites of the city. arts itself is the language and it can express the people of the city. The people who visit this place love the beautiful architecture of the place. This building highlights the history itself and you can feel the historical moments on your own.


Mexico is not only famous for its beaches but it is also famous for its culture and history. Many people visits these places and tour their museums. These historical places are soo crowded that people search the hotels in San Luis Potosi to book and avoid any mishap. This museum is a beautiful place that highlights the Capilla de Aranzazú and there are a lot of small things that describe their culture.

Museum of science


This is the most famous museum of San Luis Potosi because it defines their culture. This place describe the cultural masked dance and heritage. Dance is the art and generations follow these traditions and they have a vast history of these things.


If you love traveling then you are enjoying your life and If you want to maintain your working life with traveling then you can plan your trip accordingly. Mexico is a beautiful place and if you love nature and visit some famous museums in San Luis Potosi then this is the best place because it has many museums that are full of history and people enjoy the culture. This city is so crowded by tourists that you have to book your room prior you avoid any mishap.

Best spots to visit in Chile

Chile is an incredible and diverse country that has a lot to offer its visitors. Chile’s tourist attractions include fantastic natural sites, from the deserts of the north to the stormy mountains of Patagonia to the south, beautiful cities, a flourishing cultural life, good hotels in Latam and great food, and wine, not to mention the magnificent Pisco Sour cocktail. There are many best spots to visit in Chile. The best ones are listed below.

Human Rights Museum

Human Rights Museum is locally famous as the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos. It is by far one of the best places to visit in Chile, to learn about the country’s difficult past. The exposure and the organization of the space make it user-friendly. It’s easy to spend a few hours browsing through various videos and documents moving from room to room.

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is perhaps the best national park in South America. It should be included in the list of places you must visit in Chile, although getting there is an excellent trip from Santiago. Walking is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Chile and Torres del Paine is the best place for hiking.  

Valle de la Luna

It is a large valley with lovely sand and stone foundations sculpted by water and wind. Some of them have such interesting anthropogenic forms. The colors and terrain of Moon Valley are so strange that walking there is like walking on the moon. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon, when, when climbing the sand dunes, it is possible to have a view of where the magnificent sunset is. Watching the sunset from Valle de la Luna is one of the best things in Chile.


Santiago is perfectly positioned between the Pacific Ocean and Andes and offers weekends in the mountains or on the coast. The city has a somewhat dark history since the time of the Pinochet dictatorship, but it is now expressed through traditions, culture and street art.

Wine Valleys

Chile has no shortage of vineyards or valleys where the wine is produced. Most of the rural areas surrounding Santiago are lined with blooming vines, which are used to create some of the best wines in the world. Try carmine syrup, syrah and pinot noir, accompanied by top quality Chilean dishes cooked with fish, vegetables and local meat.


During your adventure in southern Chile, you will find German influence, as well as Mapuche traditions. Chiloe, in particular, is an island where, due to its isolation, life continues as in the past. If you’re fortunate enough to attend the manga celebration, you may also have the chance to enjoy the explosive flavor of Coranto. Explore the best hotels in Latam to stay in a comfortable environment.

Pisco Elqui

Visit this region of Chile, where Pisco National Drink is prepared. You can visit the distillery and try the product, as well as enjoy some great walks and other outdoor activities. It’s not far from La Serena, so you can stop at Isla Damascus, where you can also see penguins on the sandy beaches.

If you are planning your trip to Chile, make sure to consider these best spots to visit in Chile. Don’t forget to explore the best hotels in Latam to choose the best.

Most attractive magic towns near me in Mexico

There are lots of places all around the world where people love to visit. No matter it is a tourist spot, historical place or any sacred region for any religion. In all of these cases, people plan their trips and spend the whole vacation along with their friends or family.

Among all of such spots, Mexico is highly popular because it contains almost all the factors for which a person will love to visit a place. It offers lots of amazing spots to visit, it has a great historical background and different ancients churches that showcase the religious background of this place.

While still there are some people who are not fully contented with the offering of Mexico city and they want to explore more about that region. In this case, they search for magic towns near me in Mexico, but unfortunately, they don’t really find much better options.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the most attractive magic towns near me in Mexico that we found over there by traveling.

1.    Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo is one of the most amazing and attractive magic towns near me in Mexico that I found over there. This place is highly incredible that you will desire to visit here again and again if you come here only once.

Well, the most amazing aspect of this place is sports. This town is incredibly popular because of sports. There are tons of popular athletes in America belong to this town. Also, it facilitates lots of people to take part in different kinds of sports they like. There will be opportunities for them to spend their whole vacation by doing waterskiing, sailing, mountain biking, trekking or any other sports that you like.

2.    Malinalco

Malinalco is another one of the most amazing places to visit near Mexico City. It is quite an attractive magic town near me in Mexico that you will love to visit. It is located in the beautiful green valley which is quite a combination of both colonial and pre-hispanic periods. Additionally, you will find lots of archaeological stuff over there which is quite intriguing to experience.

Along with these things, you will get to experience colorful houses, cobblestone streets and different temples that were made in ancient times. All of these things make this town quite magical for lots of people those never had experienced such things ever in their life.

Valle de Bravo

3.    Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan is another one of the most amazing and magic towns near me in Mexico that you will find quite intriguing that you will love to come over here again and again. This place offers lots of landscapes and adventurous stuff that you might never have experienced in any other place in Mexico. This is the reason that lots of people prefer to visit Tequisquiapan instead of any other place in Mexico.

Well, the above has described some of the magic towns near me in Mexico that you should visit. So, consider all of them and make sure to visit any of them if you really want to make your trip worthy.

History of magic towns near me in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most historical places all around the world. There are lots of ancient civilization in the world those belong to Mexico. This is the reason that you will find different kinds of cultures over there.

Because of the interaction of different civilization at a single place, a concept of magic towns appear in Mexico. You will find tons of magic towns near me in Mexico that possess a huge kind of importance among locales of Mexico.

While the basic history of these magic towns near me in Mexico is just related to each civilization appeared in this region. Whenever a nation appears to rule over here and started to live here, they left lots of belongings and their impacts on the place, due to which, people of this region started reflecting that in their behaviours, attitudes and actions. This is the reason that still you will find lots of magic towns near me in Mexico.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of these magic towns that you should visit if you are in Mexico.

1.    Atlixco

Atlixco is one of the most popular and highly preferred to visit places in Mexico. There are lots of people all around the world that love to visit this place again and again in their life.

Well, the basic reason for this interest is the colorfulness of this place. You will lots of colors over there in the form people, buildings and cultures. It is a kind of combination of different civilizations due to which people highly get attracted to this place.


2.    Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is another one of the most amazing places to visit in Mexico. It is quite an incredible magic town near me in Mexico that you will like to visit again and again if you are head to this place once. It is an ancient town near Mexico city where you will find lots of monuments related to the ancient times of old Mexican civilization. While the basic reason for its popularity is the collection of Pyramids that you will find over there. They are called like pyramid of sun, pyramid of moon and pyramid of dead, which is quite intriguing and interesting to visit.

3.    Tulum

Tulum is another one of the most amazing places to visit in Mexico. This place showcases lots of historical monuments related to the old Mexican civilizations that make people highly intrigued to visit here again and again. This is the reason that a great majority of the general population, particularly history lovers come to visit here every year and get to know lot of things about Mexican civilization.

Along with all of these things, this small town also has a beach where you can spend time with your loved ones. You can simply lie down on the sand and make your body relaxed from all kinds of stresses. It will literally make you feel like flying.

Well, the above has described some of the magic towns near me in Mexico that you should visit if you are over there. So, consider all of these places and make sure to visit any of them to make your trip worthy.