Delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico

Tampico city is located on the north bank of the Panuco River, about 10 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico and to the north of Veracruz. There are many good restaurants in Tampico, offering delicious and tasty dishes. Here is a list of the best and delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico.

El Muelle De

It is always full at weekends and is obviously for a good reason. It offers a full menu of delicious seafood dishes. The food is excellent, fresh ingredients are used and dish presentations are perfect. The shrimp cocktail and fish fillet are must-try. The prices are high but the quality and size of the dishes are justified. 

La Dolce Vita

If you are in Tampico and want an Italian dish, this is one of the best restaurants in Tampico for Italian dishes. Head to one of two locations of La Dolce Vita, one is on Avenida Universidad and the other is near to the Airport. If you don’t see anything on the menu you want, don’t worry. Tell the waiter about your plate and he will transfer your wishes to the kitchen.

EI Itacate

EI Itacate is a local restaurant and bakery, famous for its sweet bread and regional cuisine. Despite intense competition from national chains, they are still preferred by locals for breakfast, dinner, or a cup of tea or coffee. You will like the chilaquiles and the enpipianadas. It can be crowded during rush hour, which can slow the services.


If you are a salad lover and want to enjoy the delicious and unique salads in Tampico, Applebee’s Restaurant is for you. The restaurant also offers tastiest chicken and beef fajitas and delicious burgers etc. Enjoy the best types of salads, grilled meat and chicken, and the largest grilled hamburger at this relaxing family restaurant in Tampico. Although it opened recently, Applebee is becoming everyone’s favorite restaurant. They also offer kid’s menu and low carb dishes for those who want to keep themselves fit or on a diet.

Oriental Grill

Oriental Grill restaurant in Tampico many offers delicious dishes. Lee Chat chicken skewers with a delicious peanut sauce and Huan Ja prawns with green scallions and nuts are must-try recipes of Oriental Grill restaurant. These are just two of the many options at the Oriental Grill, located in the Golden Zone. Simple decor and pleasant background music create an elegant atmosphere.

EI Asador

EI Asador restaurantoffers tendered and juicy steaks in Tampico. You should try Tampiquena Steaks, their signature dish, beef tacos, and beef sandwiches topped with spicy salsa. The delicious taste of these dishes is the reason why people keep coming back to this busy restaurant over and over.

There are many other good restaurants in Tampico other than the one mentioned in this article. If you are in Tampico for a short period and are in search of delicious foods you can enjoy in Tampico, this is the best guide for you.

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