giant head of Guatemala

Discover the giant head of Guatemala

If you are traveling to Guatemala, whether for business or pleasure, you should include this uncanny destination in your itinerary. Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, a great Guatemalan businessman, recommends you to visit Finca Ixobel, located very close to the border with Belize in the city of Petén. Read on to learn more about this paradisiacal place.

Get to know Finca Ixobel on your trip to Guatemala

Finca Ixobel is an ecological hotel located in an emblematic place in Poptun, Peten. In addition to its 26 rooms, it has large outdoor spaces to enjoy the jungle of Guatemala, as well as a restaurant and bar. One of its main attractions is its flooded cave, surrounded by rocky structures and a mystical atmosphere.

giant head in Guatemala

A flooded cave in the middle of nature

Cueva Ixobel is a cave with impressive formations of stalagmites and stalactites in the middle of an environment full of mysticism. In addition, the farm offers private tours to discover the cave and explore its crystalline pools.

This cave is very peculiar in Guatemala since it has pools of crystalline water inside its structures. In the pools you can swim and enter the water to explore the surroundings, however, the water is usually super cold due to the low temperatures inside the cave.

Attractions of Finca Ixobel in Petén

Finca Ixobel offers all kinds of rooms for any taste, from the most rustic to the most sophisticated and comfortable. An example of this is their treehouses, bungalows, or rooms with private bathrooms and unobstructed views. In addition to their lodging options, they also offer:

  • Horseback riding
  • Nature trails and extensive gardens
  • Excursions to tourist sites such as Tikal and Flores
  • Bridges
  • Restaurants
  • Caves and viewpoints

As a peculiar characteristic, it is worth mentioning that the Finca accepts pets and the Reception only works from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., so you must be aware of your arrival time.

This friendly hotel complex is at km 376 in Potún, Petén, less than 2 hours by car from Mundo Maya International Airport. If reading this encouraged you to visit it, I recommend calling 5410-4307 or contacting them through their official Facebook page.

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