Get to know the religious traditions of Hidalgo

Are you interested in learning more about religious representations in Mexico? Hidalgo is one of the richest states in traditions. We share some activities that you can carry out on your next visit to the week of holidays in Mexico. 

1. Descent of the Angel. 

This event is more than 100 years old and is a representation in which a child under 5 years old, dressed as an angel, slowly descends through the atrium of the Former Convent of San Pedro Apostol. This tradition narrates the biblical passage that describes the moment before Jesus is learned. 

2. Procession of silence 

It has been carried out since 1952, it is similar to the one carried out in Seville, Spain. It is headed by the confreres, who dress similar to monks and cover their faces. These are responsible for transferring the images. As it passes through the city, all the lights of the city are turned off, to let the only lighting be that of the torches placed on the rooftops. 

3. Gastronomic sample 

Santiago de Anaya will host a weekend of the purest gastronomic expression of the region. The star of this event will be the contest of typical dishes of the Mezquital Valley, which is characterized by the use of local flora and fauna; such as: Armadillo, rabbit, escamoles, xoconostle, aloe flowers, among others. 

4. Concert in the Grottoes of Xoxafi 

Within the framework of the aforementioned gastronomic fair, the concert will be held inside the Xoxafi grottoes, located in the town of Santiago de Anaya. It is impressive how the string orchestra sounds with the perfect acoustics that this totally natural enclosure gives us. 

5. Lagoon Festival 

This is a gastronomic sample of the region in which 22 restaurants participate that show pre-Hispanic-lake food, such as: frog legs, duck, carp, escamoles and chinicuiles. In addition to the exotic dishes, the participation of artistic casts, exhibitions of handicrafts and boat rides through the wetland (the lagoon) is contemplated. 

6. Rain of petals 

On Easter Sunday, during Mass in the church of La Concepción, in Mineral del Chico, the inhabitants of the town climb the cornice of the church and throw rose petals, which simulates a rain. At the end of the religious celebration the young people dressed as Judas go out to dance to the rhythm of the wind band inviting the attendees to participate in the pilgrimage. 

7. Maguey and Barley Fair 

In the municipality of Apan, these elements of the natural landscape of this area of Hidalgo will be celebrated. It is integrated into artistic, cultural and sporting events. In the theater of the town will be presented Grupo Palomo and Estrellas andinas, among others. 

8. Feast of the spikes 

The Fiesta de las Espigas is a religious festival where on the last Saturday of April the whole town adorns its streets with ears of wheat. They make large covers and colorful sawdust rugs to give thanks for the harvests. 

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