Meet your new favorite destinations in Mexico

Like Mexico there are not two, nor like its people. In this country considered the third, in the world, more hospitable in the tourism sector you can find everything, literally. On this occasion we will discover impressive places of an unknown Mexico. 

Our country enjoys four types of climate and more than eight ecosystems, which allows you to enjoy countless tourist attractions. Therefore, we will tell you about the unknown Mexico and those incredible places that nobody talks to you about. 

The unknown Mexico spots

Mexico is full of incredible places that year after year receive millions of tourists: The Riviera Maya, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City and Los Cabos are some of the most visited destinations, both by foreign visitors and domestic tourists.  

There are beautiful and little-known places in Mexico, which for their natural beauty become fascinating and you should be visiting them. In addition to their beauty, the tranquility they transmit makes them unique, we are sure that you will want to spend the summer in Mexico, travel this summer with great discounts

Marietas Islands 

These are uninhabited islands located east of Puerto Vallarta, they are protected by the government and their waters are so crystal clear that you can see up to 10 meters deep! Fishing and hunting are not allowed, and it is considered one of the ecological refuges of the planet. 

Another of its attractions are its flora and fauna that brings together a total of 44 species, many of these in danger of extinction. 

Cuetzalan Puebla 

It is one of the magical towns of unknown Mexico that due to its location in the Sierra Madre Oriental makes it unique. Evergreen ravines adorn the panorama, where rivers such as the Apulco, Cuichati or Zoquiate run. 

Mineral de Pozos Guanajuato 

Located in the semi-desert of Guanajuato, it was once an important mining town. However, on two occasions it was abandoned by its inhabitants which gave it the nickname of ghost town. History has changed and now it is a very little-known tourist place. Its mining activity makes it a place of ruins with cardones and mesquites.  

Tamul Waterfall 

It is one of the natural beauties of Mexico that is located within a canyon of prominent vertical walls located in the Huasteca Potosina. It has jungle vegetation and turquoise waters. Height of 105 meters and 300 meters wide in rainy season. 

Loreto Baja California 

You could say that this place is hidden in the peninsula of Baja California, a place whose natural wealth will leave you in love since you set foot in its lands. In addition, it is considered the first settlement of people in Baja California Sur. 

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