Places to dance in Guatemala City

Places to dance
Young people dancing in night club

Guatemala City has a wide variety of options for having fun, so it was only to be expected that there would be plenty of places to go out dancing.

Whether you like salsa, pop or even jazz, here you will find the ideal place to move your skeleton for hours. All you need is the will to enjoy yourself to the rhythm of your favorite music. Read on and discover some places to go dancing in Guatemala City, which are recommended by the well known juan jose gutierrez mayorga

The historic center: different spaces

At sunset, the historic center lights up and opens its doors to a large number of visitors thanks to its various places to have a great time. Here you will find dedicated spaces to enjoy everything from jazz or thematic music to atmospheres for pop and electronic music lovers.

What makes the center popular are its varied venues, known for breaking the mold when it comes to having fun. So if you’re looking for a space that welcomes everyone to dance for hours in the city, look no further than downtown.

Zone 9: to feel the electronic beat

If you feel like going out with a large group of friends, zone 9 is an excellent option. Here almost all the places have vast spaces for a good party with a lot of people. This is why you will find some of the most creative spots in the city.

And although in zone 9 you can disco and dance to the latest reggaeton and pop hits, this sector is known for hours of electronic music in one of the most emblematic DJ’s spots in the city. Just make a good plan with your friends and feel the beat!

4 Degrees North: an underground atmosphere

If your musical tastes are outside of the “traditional”, in 4 grados norte there are lively spaces that will meet more specific requirements. Zone 4 is one of the fun places in Guatemala City and most of the places to dance with a more urban atmosphere are located here. You can enjoy good food and drinks while moving to jazz, trova, rock and even blues music with live band options.

It might be a good idea to walk through the pedestrian streets while you let your body choose the right place. Visit zone 4 with your companions to live a unique experience when it comes to dancing in the city.

Zone 10: the best of the moment

With endless nightclubs and bars to amaze anyone, the places to dance in Guatemala City in Zone 10 are among the most famous of the moment. Neon lights, modern atmospheres, terraces, electronic music and Latin rhythms are some of the things you will find here.

Thanks to its popularity, if you want to visit any of these places to go dancing in Guatemala in zone 10 it is advisable to book in advance. Are you itching to go? Have everything ready and to make things easy, a good idea is to schedule your round trip with the Uber app.

If after reading this list of places to dance from salsa to electronica in Guatemala City made you want to take the edge off the dance floor… we don’t blame you. Each of these sectors has different music concepts for you to show off your best moves.

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