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Restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun

So, you are on a trip to any place. You can not call this trip a successful trip without trying the food of that place. There are many restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun. You can always go to restaurants in Cancun because there is a variety of spices and cuisines which are available in restaurants in Cancun.

There are different restaurants which have their own specialties. Some server the traditional dishes, some serve Italian dishes like pasta or pizza. There are also some Indian or Asian restaurants. Among all of them, the best ones are discussed below.

Puerto Madero

This restaurant is well known for the steaks and the seafood. The interior is also very comfortable, and the services are so good. The restaurant also has a beach view which make it very interesting for the people to sit there, eat and have a good view of the place.

Tempo by Martin Berasategui

This is a fine-dine restaurant and it if famous for its luxurious environment. This restaurant is owned and ran by a Spanish chef. The taste and services are overall great, and they provide their customers with a white-glove services which seems to be very luxurious.

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La Troje

This is an Italian restaurant. This is more like an open local type restaurant. This place has a very soft and polite atmosphere with very god and fast service. They have everything like pizzas, pastas, crepes, baguettes, fondues and salads etc.

Taste of India

This restaurant is famous for the Indian traditional spices and cuisines. If you are in mood of some spicy Indian food, you can go there. They have a variety of Indian traditional dishes at very affordable prices. The specialties here are chicken tikka masala and seafood curries. And a special Indian drink called Lassi is also served which is made from yogurt. They also have buffet option.

Du Mexique

This is a Mexican themed restaurant. The main attraction is the luxurious environment. This place is also famous for the appetizers and the desserts. They have outstanding taste as the chef Benjamin Ferra y Castel runs it thoroughly on Mexican traditional recipes. And another thing is that there are only 7 tables so you might need a reservation and their menus change everyday which makes it very attractive among people.

La Fonda Del Zancudo

This is basically a European restaurant with a cozy environment. This is mainly known for the seafood and desserts. Another main attraction of this place is the wood and stone theme which makes this place exceptionally beautiful.

Marakame Café

This is an ideal place for breakfast or brunch because of its natural environment. Here the environment is open air and there are trees all over the place. Mainly Mexican food is served here and there is also option for brunch buffet here which makes it very economical.

These restaurants in Cancun are some of the best restaurants because on their environment and their themes which attract people into them. The rates are also economical in most of the restaurants. You can get food form almost any corner of the world`s cuisine.


Above mentioned were some of the best restaurants in Cancun. Going there and trying something new everyday will add a whole great experience to your trip to Cancun. As these were the restaurants that serve the best food in Cancun, There is a relative specialty of each of them, you must go and try those and you can also visit them with family as almost all of them have different variety of options for the whole family including kids and the elder ones.

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