Mexican spices

Special spices you will find in Mexico

We all are well aware that Mexican foods are famous because of the special spices. The spicy taste of their foods doesn’t come from anywhere else that those special spices that they use in their foods. The spices are the reason that Mexican food items like burritos and tacos etc. are famous all over the food. If you are going on a trip to Mexico City, you can surely taste all their scrumptious spicy foods in the hotels in Mexico City.

Some of the most commonly used herbs and spices for making Mexican food are discussed here which are responsible for giving you the best taste of Mexican food in the world.


Mexican Oregano

It is the most popular item used in Mexican foods because it gives their food items more taste than any other oregano.


IT is another herb which is very popular in the Mexican Recipes. It is mostly used is sauces and salsas


It is usually found in Mexican soups or foods with more liquid part like curries.



It is used in every recipe which needs to be spice. This is because cumin helps other chilies to balance the flavors and cumin is mostly found in taco seasonings.


It is Used in some desserts and other than that it is commonly used in recipes of fish and vegetables.


It is usually used in beverages or desserts

Annatto Seed

It is basically used for the yellow coloring in Mexican foods. They also have rich flavor.


It is used in a very few quantities, only used with beans to make them more easily digestible. The reason for using in very small quantities is that if heavy amount is used, then it can be dangerous and even toxic.

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Special Mexican chilies

Guajillo chilies

These are used to give a little tart to the food. It is also slightly hot.

Serrano Chilies

They are hotter and they have a fruity flavor with a sense of crisp and smokiness.

De Arbol chilies

They are very hot as they cause acidic heat and they have grassy flavor.


These were some of the most used spices which are specially knows for the taste of Mexican foods. These spices are present in almost every part of the world but the reason these make the Mexican foods so much more tasty and spice are because they are specially grown according to their traditional ways and these are also dried according to their historical cultural ways which give these spices the tendency to give out most taste from them. The hotels in Mexico City use only the spices which are grown in Mexico for the best results.

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