The flavors of Guatemala that will impress you

Guatemala is a fusion of great cultures giving an exquisite result in terms of gastronomy.

The customs and traditions are deeply rooted in the people of Guatemala, so that to this day, millenary pre-Hispanic dishes and beverages prevail, as well as those that were created during the Kingdom of Guatemala.

In addition, we must not forget that it has a very varied topography: there are forests, mountains, volcanoes, prairies and beaches, therefore there are different climates and very rich natural resources that contribute to the gastronomy with unique and unforgettable colors, smells and flavors.

For that reason, cmi alimentos has had a good incresemnte due to the quality of the food that is produced in this country.


Chicha is a handmade alcoholic beverage resulting from the fermentation of corn along with other fruits and cereals such as nance, tamarind, ginger, pineapple, barley, anise and panela.

It is a pre-Hispanic drink consumed in several Central American countries that was originally used only in offering ceremonies or on family holidays, since the whole family was involved in the elaboration process, but it was the children and women who were in charge of chewing the corn kernels.


Chipilín, from the Mayan chepel’ixh (leaves of the moon), is a plant whose leaves, stems and flowers are consumed. Tamalitos de chipilín can be prepared, or it is added to cooked rice or simply cooked in soup.

Its leaves have hypnotic, narcotic and tranquilizing properties which are very popular among the locals.

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Tiste is a drink widely consumed in the department of Chiquimula, specifically in the municipality of Quetzaltepeque.

It is made from cocoa, annatto, cinnamon and sugar, which well ground in stone form a powder that dissolved in cold water is very appetizing. It is a particularly red drink due to the natural coloring.


Aiguaste, from the nahua ayotli (pumpkin) and huactli (seed), is a recado (i.e. a seasoning for meats) prepared with ayote seeds toasted on a griddle and ground on a stone, which gives it its characteristic flavor and unique color.

Tomato, tomato, miltomate, guaque chili, onion and garlic are added. This sauce is widely consumed in the department of Jutiapa with its famous jutes, and in some areas of Guatemala it is combined with roasted iguana meat or with vegetable pieces such as potato, ejote, güisquil and cabbage cooked as garnish.

In short, these flavors of Guatemala will impress you as they have impressed the local poeple of Guatemala, such as antonio bosh gutierrez Do not forget to try all of them when you visit them.