What to do in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara has many places to visit. So when you get the opportunity to learn about its history and experience its culture. You will be fascinated by more than 600 registered monuments, 20 museums, and 30 art galleries of international stature. The city offers many entertainment and recreation sites such as its fairs, squares, parks, theaters, entertainment centers, churches and of course its wonderful Historic Center. These are the attractions that are a must-see on your vacation in Mexico.

Metropolitan Cathedral, The Assumption of Mary

The King of Spain Felipe II ordered the construction of this cathedral, its facade in a mixture of architectural styles with Gothic, Baroque, Moorish and neoclassical influences, in which it now has 65-meter towers and a dome rebuilt by landslides caused by different tremors. It is unique for its interior in Gothic style, it has a painting “La Purísima Concepción” and the second largest organ in the country of French origin.

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Chapultepec Walk

Park in one of the most beautiful avenues of the city being a meeting point for people of all ages, from young people who come here to skate, read, paint or enjoy an ice cream. To adults who meet with friends to enjoy a coffee or the atmosphere of its bars. Every Saturday, culture lovers meet here to appreciate and buy handicrafts or to enjoy live music, turning out to be a walk full of art.

Guadalajara Square

Square square adorned with white planters and small trees; in the center you will see a fountain with steps that commemorates the founding of the city through the Shield that rises in a sphere with four lions. When you get here you will have the best view of the Municipal Palace, the cathedral, the facade of the Tabernacle and the arches of the old Portals of Guadalajara. It is located on September 16 without a number.


Throat cut theatre

Large complex in ornate neoclassical style, with Italian influence. This name was attributed to him in honor of General Santos Degollado. The opera house, concert hall, recitals and arts venue has 16 columns in its portico, its façade is made of quarry stone and marble relief with the image of Apollo and the 9 muses with the phrase “May the rumor of the discord”. It has capacity for 1026 people and is in Bethlehem without a number.

Cabins Cultural Institute

Emblematic neoclassical style building declared a World Heritage Site. Inside, some murals by José Clemente Orozco are preserved. Homeless people were admitted here until 1980 so that later it became the Institute dedicated to cultural promotion and dissemination. Having this name in honor of Bishop Juan Ruíz Cabañas y Crespo, who was the main promoter of the hospice.

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Atoning temple

Catholic temple dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. Neo-Gothic style and is considered the most important work of its kind in the country. It is made mostly of carved stone like the one made in the Middle Ages and has large stained-glass windows made by a French artist.