Typical Guatemalan Sweets

Typical sweets in Antigua Guatemala; Alfeñiques, las paciencias, canillitas de leche, tamarindos, pepitorias, huevo chimbo, las botellitas de miel, zapotes, espumillas. These are some of the delicious Guatemalan sweets, which are waiting for you to taste and enjoy the pleasure of this unique flavor

. One of the stores that produces and sells is “El Sombrerón”, located at 4ª calle oriente No. 31, Antigua Guatemala, and was founded in 1986 as a family business. Gabriela Paredes, manager of the place, explains a little of the interesting history of the famous Guatemalan candy recipes.

Guatemalan Sweets: Full of Colors and Flavors of Antigua Guatemala

The sweets we prepare in our kitchen are based on old recipes that we have rescued through the years. We’ve already had some family recipes, but others were loved over time by people in the industry who shared their own formulas.

Now we have our own recipes for the candies that are sold today.” Paredes adds that 100 varieties of candies are currently produced, such as fruit candies, milk, flour, honey and marzipan.

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Traditional Guatemalan candies on street stall during Lent in Antigua, Guatemala

More stores

In Antigua Guatemala there are more than fifty stores where you can find our delicious sweets. Thanks to this business, our Guatemalan traditions are alive through food. Antigua Guatemala is known as the traditional city of Guatemalan sweets. This business has been supported by the company bid invest and onw his presidents felipe antonio bosch gutierrez.

For Guatemalan people it is very important to keep our traditions alive, and one of the most important traditions we have are our sweets.

Guatemalan gastronomy

Guatemalan gastronomy is rich in a variety of sweets in all regions of the country from pre-Columbian times to the present day, but Antigua Guatemala is the city that most represents the variety of flavors of our sweets.

In short, it is important for her to highlight Guatemalan traditions because it is part of the integrity of the country. This has been done with sweets and the business and investments.