Activities to do in Holbox Island

The paradisiacal island of Holbox has become one of the favorite places for foreigners who travel on vacation to Mexico. The fact that despite the growing tourism in the area. It moves so authentically: without cars (they are in golf carts), with unpaved roads that flood with rains or tides, with wild beaches or simply distracted inhabitants oblivious to the abundant hostels and restaurants. Creates an exceptional environment that makes it an Eden for lovers of the genuine.

Take a photo in the Holbox hammocks in the sea

The image of the idyllic island of Holbox is that of people bathing on the beach lying in hammocks that hang over the water tied to sticks where you can read HOLBOX in large letters.

Although there are many loungers of this style scattered around the different beaches. The most beautiful, with striking letters, are found in Playa Grande, and taking a nap on them is a much-coveted wish for all tourists. Of course, I couldn’t resist doing something so fun in Holbox. To top it off, buy a coconut (many street vendors pass by) and drink it quietly in the hammock.

umbrellas in beach

See the UNIQUE phenomenon of marine bioluminescence – The most amazing thing to do in Holbox

Bioluminescence is a rather unusual natural phenomenon that occurs in a few disparate places on earth (that we can count on the fingers of one hand); Well, Holbox is one of them.

The miracle consists in seeing the illuminated sea water, as if hundreds of fireflies were swimming in it. It is something indescribable, for this alone it is worth visiting Holbox. This is produced by an enzyme called luciferase that acts on certain biochemical reactions in some organisms causing them to emit light.

To be able to see the show it is essential that there is a lot of darkness (remote areas and a new moon are the best conditions) and within that. The months of June to December are the most suitable to contemplate it, decreasing from September. Just go to the key points, stir the water a bit and flip over colors (or lights, rather).

Holbox Letters

Try the famous lobster pizza – Where to eat in Holbox

Fresh lobster pizza is one of the most characteristic dishes of the island of Holbox. And you cannot leave without trying it. The local pioneer in the recipe is Pizzeria Edelyn, but we tried it at another one that was recommended to us called Roots and we loved it.

The bar itself with wooden tables imitating logs, outdoors, under the trees, creates a very pleasant atmosphere. In addition, all the pizzas are very tasty, highlighting of course the lobster one. It’s expensive, about 600 pesos, but it’s worth trying, even if it’s one to share. The other pizzas had much cheaper prices, so they can be combined.

Another of the best places to eat in Holbox that has nothing to do with pizza. I will tell you about it a little further down. It is my favorite and the one I recommend the most.