What places to visit in Monterey?

There are many places to visit in Monterrey, you will even need more than a weekend to get to know them all; So, if you are a foreigner and you want to come, you should plan your holidays in Mexico well, since there is a selection of places that you cannot miss for anything in the world, ready to read more?


La Pastora Park Zoo

One of the main attractions in Monterrey is this zoo located inside Parque La Pastora. The park itself is the ideal place to rest for a while on the grass and many people leave work to enjoy this atmosphere and relax for a moment.

In the zoo you will find an extensive variety of emblematic flora and fauna of the city, since it adjoins the La Silla River, which makes nature quite extensive. You can tour the entire zoo and finish with a walk or visit one of the amusement parks in Monterrey: Bosque Mágico.

Contemporary Art Museum

This is another place to visit in Monterrey. It is a museum known by its acronym MARCO and that brings together the best of art at a national and international level, where works in the field of sculpture, graphic arts and painting stand out.

To honor its theme, a huge pigeon 6 meters high and weighing 4 tons will welcome you. We recommend you make use of the audio guide and the reflection list to enjoy your visit to the fullest.


Garcia Caves

Another of the most visited tourist places in Monterrey are these famous caves. They have in their interior formations of stalactites and stalagmites along a 2 kilometers route. There is a great variety of mineral formations and fossils of shells and snails from 50 to 60 million years old.


Hill of the Chair

Cerro de la Silla is one of the most impressive sites in the city. Thanks to its resemblance to a saddle, it gets its name, here you can practice hiking and excursion activities.

It is ideal for outdoor activities and to be with the whole family. Along the way you will find remains of machinery, which would go up a cable car to the top of the hill, but for logistical reasons it could no longer be placed.

Places to visit in Tijuana

In case you plan to visit the city of Tijuana together with your family to relax together and fully enjoy the long-awaited vacation but you don’t know any place and you don’t know where you can go to have fun, don’t worry, then you can know which places to visit in Tijuana and which not.

It is clear that, if you are spending your holidays in Mexico, you will not know which places to visit to have a good time and get to know the city better. Find out about some of the most popular places of interest in Tijuana.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Undoubtedly, this site is ideal to visit with the family and in no way can you miss the opportunity to visit it. In the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut) located in the Tijuana river urban area, you can enjoy culture and art Mexican at its best, in addition, the spherical structure of the dome planetarium cinema of the museum is sensational.

tijuana place

Wax Museum

Another unmissable place is the Wax Museum. In this emblematic museum you will find a fairly large collection of wax figures in which various important characters within Mexican culture are represented, both in the world of literature and cinema and has four rooms themes that you have to see.

These rooms or halls are set in the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico. The missionary period of Baja California and in the history of Tijuana, you can also find some legends represented in the exhibits, and you can have a little fun hanging out in the terror zone, in which you will surely get a good scare.

El Popo Market

This market is undoubtedly an icon of the city. However, many people complain that the place is too small and full of flies. But if this does not bother you, you will be surprised by the wide variety of typical sweets that are found, the clothes, crafts and many other things that manage to represent the Mexican culture.

panoramic tijuana's view