Delicious seafood in the south of Mexico

Most people travel to Mexico to get to know the delicious and extensive culinary offer that there is in the country. And surely if you ask anyone, they will tell you that the best seafood is found in the north, but today we want to give you the best recommendations located in the center and the southern part of the country. Prepare your bags and your palate to travel now. 

Palmar Marisquería & Bar HUATULCO, OAXACA 

In Oaxaca, everything that is cooked tastes good; the gastronomy of this state is so varied and rich in ingredients, that when it comes to cooking fish or seafood, they do it with excellence. In huatulco you can find proposals with very interesting fusions, or classics of the coast prepared in a very unique way, such as stone broth, tamales, dogfish bread or stuffed lobster. 


You can’t say you went to Tabasco, if you didn’t try the pejelagarto. This unique fish is recognized for its white meat. In Villahermosa, the capital of Tabasco, you can find more restaurants to try this unique dish in different ways. The pejelagarto usually lives in the river, so in places where there are river areas, it will be more common to find it. It is one of the unique elements of our gastronomy. 


They say that in Veracruz everyone is ‘fish’, and although it is a joke, in this place they do know something is fish and seafood. Enjoy a delicious dish with ingredients from the sea while listening to the Bamba, and the Huastec sounds. The Fish a la Veracruzana, a shrimp cocktail, delicious toast and postas of the day’s catch are some of the wonders of the sea of this region. 

Seafood El Rey MEXICO CITY 

Yes, of course, we know that in Mexico City there is no sea and therefore it is difficult to think that in the capital you will taste better seafood than on the coast. However, it is not a secret that many times the best fish is sent directly here, since some of the most recognized chefs in the country and the most celebrated restaurants throughout Mexico make their special orders, in addition to the fact that you can find preparations inspired by different cultures, states and regions.  

In the capital you will always find a new place with seafood worth sharing and with proposals that are worth trying. Oriental, Mediterranean, Gulf, Pacific and more ingredients can be found in this vibrant city. 

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know Mexico and its culinary offer, travel this summer and receive great discounts.