Advantages of visiting little-known places

Travel to unknown places for next summer and keep in mind these very little-known Mexico tourist destinations, where in addition to enjoying its great beauty you will really enjoy your vacation. Dare to discover an unknown Mexico! 

Advantages of knowing little-known places 

* You can’t find a place full of people everywhere  

* You have a beautiful place to relax  

* You will have the time to admire more its beauty  

* You will create awareness to take care of nature  

* You enjoy your stay more and who accompanies you 

Top 5 places you should know: 

Coronado Island  

For many the jewel of Loreto, an island located in the Bay of Angels just 14 kilometers from Loreto. Inside it is a dormant volcano called Coronado, which offers you an incredible view. On this wonderful island there are activities such as: seabird watching, sea lions, white sand dunes, rock formations, swimming in crystal clear waters, camping, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and even seeing the birth of turtles.  

Centla Swamps  

If it is about tranquility why not visit a swamp, but not just any swamp but, the swamps of Centla in Tabasco. Listed as a biosphere reserve and belonging to one of the most important wetlands in the world. The activities to be done there are: boat ride to admire its great biological diversity, observe mangroves of more than 10 meters and meet more than 7 species of turtle that inhabit there.  

El Volador Beach Jalisco  

It is one of the hidden paradises in the State of Jalisco and excellent destination for a vacation of total relaxation. It is formed by a part of the bay of Banderas. It has unique landscapes for stunning photographs and you could say that it is one of the virgin beaches of Mexico.  Here what you can do, in addition to relaxing and swimming in its calm waters is: yoga, surfing, snorkeling, touring the jungle with a guide. 

La Boquilla Oaxaca  

This in addition to being a little-known destination is one of the quietest. It is located in the state of Oaxaca near Puerto Angel, here you will find a beach where the only thing you will worry about is resting and living with nature.  

Cuatro palos

Within the unknown Mexico is Cuatro palos, one of the most impressive viewpoints in Mexico, located on the Cerro de la Media Luna, in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro. Without a doubt, the best place to watch the sunrise and feel the master of the world.  

What you should do is get up early and arrive at about 4:30 am and wait to see all the show that this place offers you. Seeing how the rays pass through the clouds and the mountains is unparalleled. In addition, the Peña de Bernal and the charming villages of the mountains are clearly appreciated.

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