Delicious seafood in the south of Mexico

Most people travel to Mexico to get to know the delicious and extensive culinary offer that there is in the country. And surely if you ask anyone, they will tell you that the best seafood is found in the north, but today we want to give you the best recommendations located in the center and the southern part of the country. Prepare your bags and your palate to travel now. 

Palmar Marisquería & Bar HUATULCO, OAXACA 

In Oaxaca, everything that is cooked tastes good; the gastronomy of this state is so varied and rich in ingredients, that when it comes to cooking fish or seafood, they do it with excellence. In huatulco you can find proposals with very interesting fusions, or classics of the coast prepared in a very unique way, such as stone broth, tamales, dogfish bread or stuffed lobster. 


You can’t say you went to Tabasco, if you didn’t try the pejelagarto. This unique fish is recognized for its white meat. In Villahermosa, the capital of Tabasco, you can find more restaurants to try this unique dish in different ways. The pejelagarto usually lives in the river, so in places where there are river areas, it will be more common to find it. It is one of the unique elements of our gastronomy. 


They say that in Veracruz everyone is ‘fish’, and although it is a joke, in this place they do know something is fish and seafood. Enjoy a delicious dish with ingredients from the sea while listening to the Bamba, and the Huastec sounds. The Fish a la Veracruzana, a shrimp cocktail, delicious toast and postas of the day’s catch are some of the wonders of the sea of this region. 

Seafood El Rey MEXICO CITY 

Yes, of course, we know that in Mexico City there is no sea and therefore it is difficult to think that in the capital you will taste better seafood than on the coast. However, it is not a secret that many times the best fish is sent directly here, since some of the most recognized chefs in the country and the most celebrated restaurants throughout Mexico make their special orders, in addition to the fact that you can find preparations inspired by different cultures, states and regions.  

In the capital you will always find a new place with seafood worth sharing and with proposals that are worth trying. Oriental, Mediterranean, Gulf, Pacific and more ingredients can be found in this vibrant city. 

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The best seafood in the north of Mexico

Some trips are made for business, others for knowing history, but some others for the simple pleasure of eating delicious and like never before. If you are going to travel to Mexico, something you are guaranteed is that you will eat like king and enjoy delicious dishes like never before. Being surrounded by the sea and having one of the most varied cuisines that exist in the world, there is no doubt that you will find cities and small towns where you will taste the best seafood of your life. 


In Rosarito, Baja California, the specialty is lobster tacos with beans, rice and flour tortilla. If you see this picturesque port, you cannot miss a stop at one of the street stalls that offer this delicacy. The lobster is so fresh, they even catch it at that time. The combination is simply the most delicious thing you will ever taste. 

La Casa de la langosta CULIACÁN, SINALOA 

Aguachile, ceviche, axe tripe, shaved oysters, shrimp and more are the delights of the “culichi” sea. On the coast of Sinaloa you eat like king, with a feast full of fresh seafood, prepared with different sauces, very much in the style of this place. The fish and dishes of this port have become so famous and coveted, that the whole republic, you will find places that prepare them as the typical carts here; however, nothing compares to enjoying them fresh, directly from the sea. 


Tampico is known for its jaibas. Prepared in a thousand ways, such as the authentic ‘a la frank’ (unique version of Tampico with cheese tortillas), and more. The jaibas in this place are fleshy and full of flavor in each pincer. In addition, you can enjoy fresh seafood like never before. We recommend you go to the restaurant ‘El Porvenir’, located in front of a cemetery, whose sign says, “Here you are better than opposite”. Wow, this is true, because here you will eat like never before. Another option is: ‘Los Curriacanes’, where you can enjoy extraordinary glasses of crab. 


The north, and especially the ports in the Pacific, know very well how to treat and care for a seafood. In Guaymas you will find seafood in large presentations, nothing is small there. Their shrimp are huge, their crabs and fish too. Obviously, everything is fresh and cooked in a way that will suck your fingers and want to come back. 


Acapulco is a seafood staple. Every person who knows how to enjoy life has enjoyed a cocktail or a fish while on the beach with a cold beer. But it is not only worth going for the classics, since, in the best-known port of Mexico, there are also new proposals that bet on revolutionizing the maritime gastronomy of the place. 

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5 cheap destinations in Mexico

There is a saying that travel is lived several times: when you dream it, when you plan it, when you live it and when you remember it. 

If you think about it, it has a lot of truth, the issue here is to be able to live it and for this, many times the budget can be a limitation, but the truth is that, if we plan and choose the destination well, living the experience should not be impossible. To enjoy a few well-deserved days of rest, we leave you 5 cheap destinations to travel to Mexico

1. León Guanajuato 

A beautiful city to visit and discover in Mexico is León; part of the state of Guanajuato and considered the world capital of footwear, offers endless attractions and activities to enjoy. 

Visiting the Expiatory, the historic center and the Cathedral, guarantees you beautiful postcards of the city; there are also places to enjoy with children and in the evenings the restaurants and bars are numerous and also the discos will be able to meet the expectations of very different styles. 

2. Mahahual 

Mahahual is a charming fishing village, with a tourist infrastructure that recovers from the disasters caused by Hurricane Dean in 2007, but that every day stands out for its continuous development. An alternative for those who really value tranquility and rest. Activities such as snorkeling and diving are among the most recommended, considering that it is close to Banco Chinchorro, the second largest barrier reef in the world.  

3. Palenque 

This beautiful city is a jewel of the country’s history that is worth visiting and even more so if you can make the trip with a budget made to measure. The main attraction is its National Park and Archaeological Zone; Declared a World Heritage Site, it is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings in Mexico, with imposing temples that dazzle in the middle of the jungle. 

4. Oaxaca de Juarez 

As soon as you arrive, walking through the historic center and the tourist Walker are very nice walks, there are many places to visit; art and culture are greatly promoted, which can be seen in the conservation of its buildings, the large number of museums, cultural centers, galleries, theaters, many of them with free admission or at a very low cost. Hierve El Agua, a natural spa hidden among the mountains, where you can take a bath, be surprised with its pools of water and the beautiful views it offers. 

5. Zacatlán de las Manzanas 

It is a beautiful Magical Town located in the northwest of the state of Puebla, 2040 m above sea level, which translates into beautiful scenarios that surprise with its fog, which gives the impression that the entire community rose to the clouds. The average temperature is 14 degrees, wear a coat. 

The beauty of the village and its streets, the kindness and enthusiasm of its people, invite you to enjoy the walk; your first stop can be the zócalo, where you will find the famous Floral Clock, the apple and the kiosk, an almost obligatory photo.

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Diverse-friendly tourism for everybody

Internationally, LGBTIQA+ tourism represents a potential market of 180 million people and an annual expenditure in the tourism sector of 200 billion dollars. In addition, it represents 9% of international travelers Unlike conventional tourism which grows at a rate of 4.7% each year, LGBT tourism grows at 10.4%, that is, more than double. Reasons to believe that you should bet more on this segment in order to develop the tourism industry, there are many and increasingly forceful.  

Actions in Mexico

In Mexico, some actions are already being taken to take advantage of the opportunities it represents in order to diversify the offer and attract new markets. An example of these is what was announced by the Ministry of Tourism, who recognized that work will be done to strengthen the country’s tourism offer for the LGBT sector, through familiarization trips; promotion, dissemination and marketing aimed at this community in key international destinations; in addition, training and awareness in coordination with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), to tourism service providers.   Next, we give you 10 conclusive facts so that you know the importance of LGBTIQA+ tourism and decide to travel to Mexico on your next vacation:    

1. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, Mexico is a country where an estimated population of 8.5 million inhabitants of the LGBT community.    

2. The motivations of this segment to travel are oriented to luxury tourism: including, culture, shopping and consumption in high-end restaurants and boutique hotels.    

3. The economic spillover left by LGBT tourism represents 15 percent of the total tourism industry. Mexico receives about 2.9 million tourists from this segment, who have an average stay of four nights in low seasons.    

4. The preferred destinations for this segment and that are also Gay friendly, are: Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca and Veracruz.    

5. Represented in 2015, more than four million international visitors, who spent per trip, on average 1,550 dollars; exceeding the 780 dollars of the traditional visitor.   

6. There are 140 certified businesses for this segment. In Jalisco there are 38, Oaxaca has 35, Guerrero 30, Morelos 26, Veracruz 13, and Mexico City, 7 gay-friendly establishments.    

7. Each year, up to 7,800 million dollars could be generated in the sale of consumer goods or services for this type of market.    

8. 37% of LGBT travelers are purchasing decision makers, plus they spend more money than other travelers on the destination’s attractions.    

9. Of LGBT travelers, only 3% of men and 13% of women have children, while 14% of men and 24% of women are married by law. Remember that by not having children the frequency of trips and spending in the destination increases.    

10. Short trips, weekend or business, are twice as frequent in the LGBT segment as in conventional tourism. So let’s travel to Mexico!

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