The beauty of the Chichen Itza archaeological site

Travel back in time as you explore a Mayan city that is over 1,000 years old. This spectacular UNESCO-protected site is one of Mexico’s most famous treasures.

Visit Chichen Itza, which is one of the largest and most famous Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. In addition to being one of the most Mexico tourist destinations by foreigners when they visit Mexico. Wander among the temples and pyramids, many of which are incredibly well preserved. And imagine what the Mayans who lived in this area were like more than 1,000 years ago. Learn about the religious and astronomical significance of the majestic structures of this place. You can also learn the fascinating and sometimes brutal details of daily life in Mayan society.

A view from Chichen Itzá

See the amazing pyramid known as El Castillo, which is the most famous monument in Chichen Itza. This imposing pyramid was designed with 365 steps, which represent the 365 days of the solar year. Try to detect other star symbols in the structure. For example, the pyramid includes 52 panels, which represent the 52 years of a Mayan calendar cycle. Head inside the pyramid to see the temple it contains.

El Castillo

El Castillo is one of the different sacred sites in this area. See the pillars of the Court of a Thousand Columns, which is next to the Temple of the Warriors. Visit El Caracol, a structure with an impressive spiral staircase, which used to be an observatory. See other temples with fascinating stone reliefs that have given them poetic names. Among them are the Temple of the Bearded Man and the Temple of the Jaguars.

serpent large

Learn about the famous Mayan tradition of the ball game. Visit the Great Ball Court to see one of the largest fields where the Mayan ball games were played for the entertainment of the crowds. It is believed that the consequences of losing the game were very bloody. Observe the relief that represents the decapitation of one of the players.

Chichen Itza is just under 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Cancun. Stay in the beautiful city of Valladolid to be closer. Pay the entrance fee and explore the area at your own pace or book a guided tour to learn all the details with an expert guide.

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