The best seafood in the north of Mexico

Some trips are made for business, others for knowing history, but some others for the simple pleasure of eating delicious and like never before. If you are going to travel to Mexico, something you are guaranteed is that you will eat like king and enjoy delicious dishes like never before. Being surrounded by the sea and having one of the most varied cuisines that exist in the world, there is no doubt that you will find cities and small towns where you will taste the best seafood of your life. 


In Rosarito, Baja California, the specialty is lobster tacos with beans, rice and flour tortilla. If you see this picturesque port, you cannot miss a stop at one of the street stalls that offer this delicacy. The lobster is so fresh, they even catch it at that time. The combination is simply the most delicious thing you will ever taste. 

La Casa de la langosta CULIACÁN, SINALOA 

Aguachile, ceviche, axe tripe, shaved oysters, shrimp and more are the delights of the “culichi” sea. On the coast of Sinaloa you eat like king, with a feast full of fresh seafood, prepared with different sauces, very much in the style of this place. The fish and dishes of this port have become so famous and coveted, that the whole republic, you will find places that prepare them as the typical carts here; however, nothing compares to enjoying them fresh, directly from the sea. 


Tampico is known for its jaibas. Prepared in a thousand ways, such as the authentic ‘a la frank’ (unique version of Tampico with cheese tortillas), and more. The jaibas in this place are fleshy and full of flavor in each pincer. In addition, you can enjoy fresh seafood like never before. We recommend you go to the restaurant ‘El Porvenir’, located in front of a cemetery, whose sign says, “Here you are better than opposite”. Wow, this is true, because here you will eat like never before. Another option is: ‘Los Curriacanes’, where you can enjoy extraordinary glasses of crab. 


The north, and especially the ports in the Pacific, know very well how to treat and care for a seafood. In Guaymas you will find seafood in large presentations, nothing is small there. Their shrimp are huge, their crabs and fish too. Obviously, everything is fresh and cooked in a way that will suck your fingers and want to come back. 


Acapulco is a seafood staple. Every person who knows how to enjoy life has enjoyed a cocktail or a fish while on the beach with a cold beer. But it is not only worth going for the classics, since, in the best-known port of Mexico, there are also new proposals that bet on revolutionizing the maritime gastronomy of the place. 

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