From all the restaurants in Merida these were some of the best or you can say that these were the top bars

Top bars to explore in Merida

If you are a more party person than a calm person. Or you want to have some fine drinks and food of you tour to Merida then you will be in search of some of the best restaurants in Merida or top bar in Merida. As the place itself is very traditional in terms of the historical colonial architecture. The whole city explains the tales of the history, traditions and culture of the country, so does the food. Here you will some of the finest options for getting the best quality options to quench your thirst and remove your hunger.

In Merida, there are numbers options for both economical food and fine dine and there are also some of the best bars. Here we have discussed the best of them.

La Negrita Cantina

So, you can call this one the best bar in town as it has various environments for various people. There is a live band on the inside and on the outside, there is a tree in the center of the place which makes the environment calm and soothing. There is a large seating arrangement. Their prices are very economical, and the music is so good that you would want to dance.


This place gives you most of the Mexican essence. The seating arrangement is huge so no worries about finding a place or dance or sit. The drinks are cheap here and the interior of the place gives a very aesthetic outlook to it. The staff here is very friendly and professional. This is a very good option if you are looking for some cocktails to quench your thirst or to relax yourself.

Aracataca Rumba & café

This place also has reasonable place for sitting. The menu has various options but the best thing you can get here is their coffee and Colombian pastries. So, you could come here for the breakfast or lunch which will be the better option for you. There various cocktails are also served with many other things from the menu card. You can give this place a visit and will surely be amazed with the professionalism of their staff and the vibe of that place itself.


From all the restaurants in Merida these were some of the best or you can say that these were the top bars in Merida where you can go with your colleagues if you are on a business trip or with your family members if you are on a family trip or vacation. These places can be your best options if you are out for some fun time as you can explore the whole city, and these will be at your service throughout the day.

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