Miramar beach is a prominent tourist attraction in Tampico

Top Things to do in Tampico

Tampico is a port and city in the South-Eastern part of Tamaulipas state Mexico and is located about 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. There are international standard hotels in Mexico and people can easily find one according to their budget and choice.

There are many top things to do in Tampico, so it is a wonderful place to visit on vacation.

Visiting Miramar Beach

Miramar beach is a prominent tourist attraction in Tampico. Miramar Beach has beautiful scenery and powdery golden sand.

Tourists can delight themselves by doing watery sports, watching swimming of dolphin pods and international ships anchoring at river’s mouth. Many hotels in Tampico are located near this beach and are offering wonderful living space and delicious foods.


At some distance from Tampico, there are wonderful activities to enjoy exciting eco-tourism. Some good options in eco-tourism are horse riding, birding tours, whitewater rafting, and hiking in the nearest mountainous regions.

Huasteca Culture Museum

This museum is located at the metro and it is exhibiting relevant information San Luis Potosi, and Tamaulipas. Many artifacts, clothing items, pottery paintings, and statues are displayed.

This place must be visited to gain knowledge about pre-Columbian culture and marvelous collection of various archeological objects.

Strolling Historic Center

The Tampico’s roots are stretching to the pre-colonial ages, the overall character and architecture are based on European culture. Tourists can spend afternoon parts by strolling the city hall, cultural center, old post office, and the Cathedral of Tampico.

Here, street food is a must thing to try, cheese beans, sandwiches, and tamales are delicious. There are the best hotels in Tampico in all parts of the city and they are offering amazing services.

Stay in Luxurious Resorts

Tampico is a resort town and many tourists from Mexico and other parts of the world are enjoying fancy spots on vacations. Resorts such as tennis courts and Club Maeva also have pools and are warmly welcoming all guests.

Nightlife Experience

In Tampico, the nightlife is vibrant and crazy and people belonging to any kind of taste like it. There are many things to enjoy ranging from late-night parties, disco dances, fun gatherings, and cozy lounge bars. Hotels in Tampico are playing all kinds of happy, tropical, Caribbean, and African music.


The Malecon is a spectacular place for lovers and there is a huge boardwalk on the shores measuring about 1465 yards long. This area is also called as, “The Piers”, or “Las Escolleras”.

Different colors in water can be seen by walking around which are being reflected from one side to other sides. After reaching the ending point, the walk is well worth it. Here one can see the shrimp boats which are working in the high seas.

In Tampico, there is a special and unique landscape, different architectural styles, beaches, lagoons, rivers, and wonderful vegetation.

Due to these unique structures, there are many top things to do in Tampico and tourists can greatly enjoy their vacations. Here jet skiing, fishing, sailing, and water surfing can be enjoyed.

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