What is the Guelaguetza?

The Guelaguetza is an event that over the years managed to amalgamate the cultural expressions of the different ethnic groups that inhabit the region, in addition to claiming the indigenous identities of Oaxaca, a task that was not easy and resulted in being one of the most important Mexico tourist destinations in the world.

The festival represents the union of two celebrations, on the one hand, a ritual from pre-Hispanic times is commemorated in honor of the Goddess of corn, Goddess Centéotl, who was offered dances, rites and a great banquet, in an event that lasted eight days.


On the other hand, there is the celebration of Corpus Christi, a Catholic cult in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, which has its day on July 16.

Also called Fiestas de los Lunes del Cerro, since the center of the celebration is the Cerro del Fortín, the event attracts a large number of people, not only those who come to enjoy the show, but also those who are part of it.

Representative delegations from the 8 regions that make up the state of Oaxaca participate in the days of the celebration, each group shows us their different traditions and customs with typical dances, clothing, masks, music, etc.

The Guelaguetza of recent years…

Currently, the event takes place mainly in the city of Oaxaca, on the two Mondays following July 16; although the entire month of July is sure to be a party.

The parade of the delegations, organized in the traditional way of the Calenda and which takes place on the Saturday before each Monday of celebration, is one of the proposals that you can enjoy.

oaxaca guelaguetza

Prepare your camera that you will have more than a thousand images that you can photograph. Among them, the “marmot”, a large spherical lantern covered in fabric that is accompanied by the “giants”. There will also be the Chinese Oaxacans carrying baskets with flowers and accompanied of their music band, and they can’t miss the fireworkers, who warn of their passage with numerous explosions.

In addition to this, there are different events such as exhibitions of mezcal and local gastronomy, shows by famous artists, some free, others with very low costs, celebrations are also held in the surrounding towns on the occasion of the Guelaguetza 2022.

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