Puebla is full of colonial buildings decorated with intricate tiles as well as beautiful Museums

Which is the best time of year to visit Puebla?

Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico and has more than 30 lakhs inhabitants. Founded by the Spanish in 1531, it is known for its rich history and colonial architecture. Puebla had beautiful churches, Modern art museums, and many more to offer.

Restaurants in Puebla also provide delicious and mouth-watering local dishes. If you are wondering which is the best time of year to visit Puebla, the answer may depend on your choice and personality.

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Why Visit Puebla?

Long before the arrival of the Spanish, Puebla was a center for Indian pottery, and citizens happily inserted designs and techniques, which are said to have originated in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Talavera pottery production reached its peak at the end of the 17th century.

Originally blue and white, it acquired shades of green, orange, and yellow in the 18th century. Even a short stroll through the city presents a crazy patterned quilt engraved on the domes, churches, hotels, fountains and restaurants in Puebla.  

Puebla is full of colonial buildings decorated with intricate tiles as well as beautiful Museums. Located just outside the center, the museum features a modern, clean white design with beautiful pieces of Baroque art. On a clear day, the majestic Popocatepetl volcano in the background provides an appropriate backdrop for Puebla.

Moreover, Puebla’s unique blend of Spanish and European cooking techniques is the proudest cuisine in Mexico. The most common types of their national food are chicken mole poblano and chiles en nogadaas well as traditional sweets such as alegreas, crystal fruits and sweet potato candy.

Although many will dispute the claim that the mole was created in Puebla, there is no doubt that the rich, creamy Mexican sauce made with many ingredients is now one of Puebla’s most significant exports. The mole can be found in most traditional restaurants in the state, including small family restaurants, each with its recipe.    

If you are a winter season lover, the best time to visit Puebla will be different for you than the person who enjoys more in the summer season. Dry and mild climate often prevails in Puebla in January. It is perhaps the ideal month to visit Puebla, with perfect weather at this time of the year. February is part of the dry season in most of Mexico. Although this time of year is technically in the middle of winter, it is still warm across the country and is ideal for exploring the best restaurants in Puebla or spending time on the beach. Think which is the best time of year to visit Puebla for you and book your ticket now.

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