Columbia is full of beautiful places, fantastic nightlife, beautiful street art, and delicious food

Why visit Columbia this year?

Columbia is full of beautiful places, fantastic nightlife, beautiful street art, and delicious food. After spending some days in luxurious hotels in Latam and visiting famous beaches and parks of Columbia, you will get the answer to why people want to visit Columbia again and again.

If you are planning a trip to Columbia, here are some reasons for you to visit Columbia.

Fresh food and delicious coffee in Coffee Region

The coffee region in Columbia is made up of three provinces. Quindio provides nature lovers and foodies an incredible variety of options. Enjoy some of the best single-origin coffees from the farm where they are produced and fresh food in lunch made with ingredients from the kitchen garden of your hosts.

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Ease of transportation

With a range of reasonable transportation options, you can get to the highlights of Columbia very quickly and in a reasonable amount. The cost of metro tickets is less than $1 and buses and trams in Colombian cities also have similar prices.

Beautiful beaches

Colombia has more than 300 beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. There are beaches for all beach lovers. You have your quiet resort-style beaches on and around the Caribbean coast in Cartagena. It also has a healthy tropical paradise on Providencia and San Andres Island.

National Parks

There are 59 natural parks in Columbia. These parks differ in landscapes, climate, and ecosystems. Many of them offer unique experiences to visitors, such as water activities and hiking.  All of Colombia’s national parks are designed to protect the region’s ecosystems, wildlife, culture, wildlife, and architectural heritage.

Amazing street art

The trend of street art in Columbia has busted since the Bogotá legalized graffiti in the year 2011, leading to a real open air gallery through the city. An expert guide can let you see the beautiful work of some of the world’s most famous street artists.

Friendly people

Colombians are famous for their hospitable and welcoming culture. Tourists are often surprised by the amiable atmosphere of Colombia.  They are also very proud of their culture and heritage and are always eager to share their home with visitors.

Genuine experiences

It is much easier to overcome superficial impressions and to get authentic experiences. Whether you try the best street food, traditional, luxurious hotels in Latam or meet veterans to see up close how the country is progressing, you will have the opportunity to see the real Colombia.

If you are thinking, why visit Columbia this year? These are some of the best reasons. Make sure to consider the list of best hotels in Latam and choose the best one in your budget for a comfortable stay and fresh mornings.

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